Anyone can be a SuccessFactor

Anyone can be a SuccessFactor

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At the mobility experts of the HÜBNER Group, the course is set for a successful future, as they are relying heavily on AppNavi for the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors.

The HÜBNER Group, the world market leader in transition and door safety systems for buses and trains, has been developing innovative concepts and solutions for the transport sector for decades.

The upscale medium-sized company from Kassel, Germany, also took an innovative approach when introducing the HR digitization software SAP SuccessFactors to make it as efficient and effective as possible for employees in Germany and Hungary to handle daily HR core processes.

Smart preparation multiplies success

The family-owned company from Hesse sees its approximately 3,500 employees at 30 locations worldwide as the most valuable asset and guarantor of the company’s growing success. That’s why the mid-sized manufacturing company wanted to prioritize centralizing its HR processes, such as recruiting, onboarding and employee development in a master database and digitizing them with a high degree of sensitivity to data protection, in order to eliminate manual processes and inefficient email loops, as well as establish synergies between the HR department and managers.

The SAP SuccessFactors suite was chosen for one of HÜBNER‘s largest HR digitization projects. The highlight of the implementation strategy: Even before the rollout, it was important to the decision-makers that new software alone would not guarantee an increase in efficiency. For this reason, “Digital Adoption” at the planned go-live of the new software was to help make the transition as easy as possible for users.

This is mainly thanks to Kristin Leicht, Global HR-IT System Expert at HÜBNER, who has already gained experience in the field of “Digital Adoption” and used this in the decision-making process when selecting a suitable platform.

We are firmly convinced of Digital Adoption as a solution to introduce users well to a new system. It acts like a guidance system and a little helper that takes you by the hand digitally, guides you through the system and reduces hurdles and fears.
Kristin Leicht – Global HR IT System Expert

The choice fell on AppNavi at the beginning of 2022 due to the positive user experience for authors and end users.

In a short pilot project, the decision-makers at HÜBNER were able to put the digital adoption platform through its paces on the basis of internal criteria and came to the conclusion that AppNavi and its functions were quickly and comprehensively accessible. The additional gaming character, the automatic translation function and the simple creation of routes (including preview function), packaged in an appealing appearance, convinced the selection committee.

Once the decision had been made, the team had to act quickly: they gave themselves six weeks – after all, SAP SuccessFactors was scheduled to go live in mid-March.

Hubi helps – no longer asks IT

The team around Kristin Leicht integrated AppNavi into their own HR software landscape and focused, among other things, on route creation and a visually seamless implementation into their own corporate design. Thus, the company colors were used, but in addition, HÜBNER‘s own avatar “Hubi hilft” was created to guide employees through the software. Thus, AppNavi fits perfectly into the environment of HÜBNER and SAP SuccessFactors due to its extensive configuration and customization options.

We want to bring freshness into the company, to take colleagues on a journey. This works better via visual language if it can be easily and quickly grasped by the eye. And that’s where AppNavi did very well.
Kristin Leicht – Global HR IT System Expert

Within six weeks, HR representatives were able to work with experienced AppNavi implementation partner metafinanz to independently create content and over fifty routes, with only a fraction of these initially to be played out to end users. This preliminary work and the decision to initially roll out only a portion of the Routes to the appropriate users immediately showed the desired results after go-live. After the rapid implementation of AppNavi, it was possible to increase the acceptance and use of SAP SuccesFactors at the HÜBNER Group and significantly reduce the familiarization time for users. This is reflected in the AppNavi Analytics. In it, the team can ideally track the increasing usage while at the same time reducing demand. One result: currently, one in three employees uses AppNavi more than intensively and half use more than one route on average, with entry and overview routes still very popular.

The combination of the combined competencies moved the project forward very quickly. HÜBNER had a clear vision of implementation and a passionate team; we at metafinanz had the diverse experience in SAP SuccessFactors and the Digital Adoption Platform AppNavi.
Corinna Strube – Consultant & Project Lead at metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

But the HR department of the HÜBNER Group, together with AppNavi partner metafinanz, further exploited the possibilities of the digital adoption platform. Target Audience, i.e. playing out content to specific roles, as well as the automatic translation function were used in many ways and are real facilitators for the entire team.

For us, it was a huge benefit and added value that AppNavi recognizes the role systematics from SAP SuccessFactors. Thus, the intelligence for role identification is in SAP SuccessFactors. AppNavi recognizes, for example, that someone has taken on a management position in the company and automatically plays out appropriate routes for this person. And all this without storing any person-specific data.
Kristin Leicht – Global HR IT System Expert

It is not only managers who benefit from the fact that roles in the company can be identified without reference to personal data by AppNavi‘s artificial intelligence. Production employees and non-digital natives can also benefit from the solution. They receive Posts, Pins, Tooltips and Routes tailored to their needs. This increases the success of the open communication channels prioritized by HÜBNER‘s management.

Anyone can be a SuccessFactor

One member of the implementation team was a trainee who played a key role from the conception to the operational implementation of route creation. She also wrote a technical report on the topic of digital adoption as her final thesis.

SAP SuccessFactors was made available together with AppNavi in time for the planned go-live. The fact that only six weeks passed from the initial contact to the roll-out can be attributed to the simplicity of AppNavi. This applies not only to the operation of the tool and the applications through which the digital adoption solution guides, but begins with its implementation, route creation and translation into the company’s corporate design and various languages.

Kristin Leicht is proud of the achievements and the success of the launch. She also shows this in a LinkedIn post that captures the celebrations surrounding the launch and the thank-yous to everyone involved at HÜBNER and the partners like metafinanz:

We at AppNavi are equally proud of the project and are pleased that we were able to contribute to this success with our Digital Adoption solution – and that we stood out as a SuccessFactor for the HÜBNER Group in the process.

The advantages of AppNavi at a glance

> Fast and seamless integration of the solution
> Extensive configuration and customizing options
> Simple and self-explanatory content creation
> Smart role identification without personal data
> Wide range of functions of the solution, such as automatic translations
> Extensive analysis of results
> Strong implementation partner network


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