Digital Transformation Success by AppNavi

| All-in-One Enterprise Efficiency

AppNavi is the all-in-one solution to gain transparency for optimizations in the areas of cost reduction, security and user behavior.

The easiest to use
Digital Transformation Platform

AppNavi offers a technically advanced solution that goes beyond the boundaries of digital transformation and combines it with a leading simplicity concept. By using AppNavi Insights and AppNavi Guidance, you have the toolset at hand to find the perfect starting points for cost savings and efficiency improvements in your organization and implement them directly.

AppNavi Insights

The smart data cube that operates under the software interface and measures the use of the application landscape and the behavior within individual applications.

AppNavi Guidance

An interactive layer that is placed over software and guides users through applications, provides information during the process and automates intermediate steps.

Direct return on investment in just 4 weeks

App Discovery

Check the use and intensity of all browser applications used in the company. Immediately stop shadow IT, improve compliance and identify candidates for software retirement.

User Behavior Mining

Analyze the use of software in your company and automatically generate Digital Adoption measures from the findings.


Guide users through any software using interactive routes without having to train or familiarize them in advance.


Mobilize your users by letting AppNavi technology perform unnecessary process steps.


More and more tools as a result of digitalization

Tools are usually made available in large numbers and with many updates. A common goal is to make work easier for users and increase efficiency. But is this goal being achieved?

70% of employees are overwhelmed

Employees are often overwhelmed when new software is introduced or when dealing with new tools and processes that they often only use infrequently. The reason for this is that users are often inadequately prepared and receive no help in the event of a problem.

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