Citizen Developer Approach

We want you to be able to work meaningfully with our system within your organization.

Therefore, we follow the Citizen Developer approach. We make a strict distinction between the roles involved and the options available to them.

Authors within the departments should be able to collaborate very easily and therefore only need a few buttons. We offer your IT and your partners the complete range of options.

Keep IT simple

The respective department knows best which processes cause problems at which point and how this can best be prevented. However, you will probably look in vain for IT experts there.

We have accepted this reality and made content creation and automation at Level 1 as trivial as possible.

Within an hour, authors are fit and can explain their systems with the help of AppNavi Guidance – even in special cases and technical complexities.

Powerful Client API

At the same time, there are professionals who want to do much more with us. For these roles, we provide an extremely powerful set of methods and events with the help of our SDK and the AppNavi Client API, with which you can tune AppNavi to no end.


Define logics according to which your users should be able to see content. Here you can address criteria within your target systems or also connect external information sources such as identity management systems.

State machine

Why should a route always start at the beginning of a process? Define states into which routes can jump at the start. This way you pick up your users where they are at the time of their problem.


Do you want to react to certain events in your software? No problem. Whether users are in the system for the first time or have finally completed an action successfully – define triggers and trigger AppNavi content based on them.


Digitally watch over your users and check data entries, selections made, etc. This increases the quality of the entered data and reduces errors in the processes.


Your software knows what your users want to do next? Then start actions automatically or determine which help is displayed next.

Error Handling

If your users have hit a dead end or an error, you can help them out. Define triggers that trigger your help offers at the right time.

Be part of something big – industry leaders already rely on AppNavi in digital transformation

Rollout of global HR Self Services & Administration processes

As part of an international HR transformation program, HR processes were standardized and implemented in a new software solution. With the help of AppNavi, all forms of training were eliminated. All 140,000 were trained in the self service and administration processes in numerous countries and languages with the help of AppNavi Guidance.

Support of the application landscape in product data management

At the interface between development, purchasing and production, AppNavi supports the application landscape and ensures easier change management. Processes can be introduced and changed more easily. In addition, AppNavi reduces set-up times for new employees in the process and thus helps to make the workforce more efficient.

International rollout of SAP SuccessFactors

During the rollout of SuccessFactors at a global market leader for transition and door safety systems for buses and trains, AppNavi was used as a change management initiative. In addition to conveying tool and process knowledge, another focus was on reducing fears and reservations about the new software.

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