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AppNavi works where it counts

Digital Adoption by AppNavi can do more than “just” help and look beautiful. Our clients buy us to deliver measurable impact. From cost savings to employee efficiencies to increased business lucrativeness, AppNavi offers a whole range of positive effects.

AppNavi helps you operationally & strategically

We reduce training costs

When everyone knows your software, you save money in three areas. You don’t have to explain anything. Your users don’t have to learn anything and you don’t need documentation anymore.

We reduce support costs

If users can help themselves, they don’t need you anymore. Concentrate on your work and forget about annoying and expensive support calls.

We increase the First-Time-Right

Training in an application or process is not always needed. Often, users can get started right away or have already been qualified. Nevertheless, mistakes happen. To correct such an error, on average 10 times the effort has to be invested.

We make users faster

User interfaces are used for navigation and data entry. In many cases, high-frequency and recurring processes can be automated at least in a few places. Making your colleagues 5% more efficient will quickly save you millions of dollars a year.

We improve data quality

Whenever people enter data into systems, things are forgotten and mistakes happen. With us you remind your users at the right place and inform them exactly where and exactly when question marks appear.

Our effect on the big issues of our time

New Work

In modern organizations, work is being redefined. In this context, independence, personal freedom and, for example, involvement in decision-making are becoming increasingly important. This has consequences. Employees work in significantly more contexts and touch a wide variety of systems and processes. They work where and when they want, are therefore more often alone and have to cope with the provided systems themselves.

With AppNavi people can use software immediately. We help you avoid the threat of collateral damage when introducing New Work.

Anyone can join in and contribute immediately. If the context changes, other help is available.

Your employees always get the help they need. No matter where and when a problem occurs, we solve it. Your employees can get back to work immediately.

New colleagues on the team can get started on the same day. Don’t wait until Friday for an introduction to the tools and processes. You can get started right away.

Cloud Strategy & Digital Transformation

We can tell platform owners which parts of their platform are used. We can tell process owners how their processes are used in the various platforms.

We can tell your CIO which parts of the application landscape are relevant for a transformation and which are not, in view of the processes that are lived. This means that less software has to be rewritten. For each transformed project, we make it as easy as possible for employees to get started.

Thus, we have a strong effect on cloud programs.

With user behavior mining, we help to better assess the scope and sequence for transformation.

We navigate employees through the new digital worlds and thus help with a silent rollout.

Be part of something big – industry leaders already rely on AppNavi in digital transformation

Worldwide rollout of an HR transformation program

As part of the standardization of global processes in the area of HR Self Service and HR Administration, AppNavi was used to support the rollout. For all employees in approx. 70 countries, classical training could thus be dispensed with. Instead, AppNavi Guidance was used. Costs for hypercare, training and support were significantly reduced.

Rollout of a transformation program

As part of an IT transformation program, three systems were rolled out and continuously trained with the help of AppNavi. In addition to saving initial expenses for hypercare and support, AppNavi also helps manage staff turnover. When employees change restaurants, AppNavi provides simultaneous on-boarding so new employees are ready to work faster.

Support in product data management

As part of various transformation programs between purchasing, development and production, AppNavi is used for change management and improving data quality. Employees are thus able to work faster and operate the systems in a better quality. These factors have a positive effect on the cost structure and the adherence to schedules in the processes.

International rollout of SAP SuccessFactors

During the rollout of SuccessFactors at a global market leader for transition and door safety systems for buses and trains, AppNavi was used as a change management initiative. In addition to conveying tool and process knowledge, another focus was on reducing fears and reservations about the new software.

Introduction of a global leasing platform

As part of the changeover of a core system at the customer’s site, which affected all car dealerships, an AppNavi was used for training and rollout. The initial focus was on training and on-boarding. In the further course, the focus will also be on error reduction and the reduction of support efforts.

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