Big Brother is watching – and that’s a good thing!

Big Brother is watching – and that’s a good thing!

Big Brother is watching – and that’s a good thing! 600 400 Carsten Neumann

Big Brother is watching – and that’s a good thing!

Significantly improve applications and user experiences by looking over users’ shoulders.

Companies like to introduce tools quickly in order to achieve direct improvements. A laudable approach. But who really uses the new software and to what extent and efficiency?

It pays to take a closer look

Looking at user behavior in a software is immensely important in order to ideally adapt a software solution to the needs of the end user and to eliminate stumbling blocks – ideally before the user stumbles.
In addition, objective measurement criteria can be used to prove the relevance of a software and underscore the ROI.
This aspect was extremely important to us during development. That’s why we developed AppNavi Analytics and created a system that allows us to do just that.

We also want to learn

With the AppNavi Analytics we record the behavior of users in dealing with the AppNavi learning content as well as the software itself. How do users experience the software and is it used correctly?
This information can be used to develop improvements to the learning content and the AppNavi routes that will further increase efficiency and thus the use of the software.
This collected data is then easily and clearly visualized in our AppNavi Analytics Cockpit. Perfect for a quick look or presentation to the boardroom.

Data protection as the highest doctrine

Data security and the protection of company and personal data that could possibly allow conclusions to be drawn about the behavior of individual employees are of the utmost importance to us.
For this reason, we specifically filter out this sensitive information. Our concept – to collect only the information that is really necessary – is what we call data frugalism. Necessary data is transmitted exclusively in encrypted form and stored with the most modern security standards.

Both sides of the coin

With AppNavi we want to offer the best possible analysis on the one hand to support the success of introduced software, on the other hand we want to do this only under highest security standards – with AppNavi Analytics we succeeded.


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