Once for all and all for one

Once for all and all for one

Once for all and all for one 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

Mass Publishing and Targeting Audience support authors in targeted mass rollout of AppNavi content.

The digital adoption solution AppNavi offers a wide range of options to support employees in using software or processes. Posts, which informs about news from the company; Routes, which lead through applications, Pins, which provide further information anchored at elements or initiate routes and news; up to bundled Learning Collections, for the ideal accompaniment for certain topics. But not all authored content is of interest to everyone within an organization or specific role.

In the spring release, we already took a quick first look at the two new features, Mass Publishing and Targeting Audience. Now we’re taking a closer look at them.

| What are authors?

In the AppNavi solution environment, we refer to authors as the colleagues in a company or at a lower implementation partner who have the rights to create content. In most cases, these employees have received a brief introduction (that’s all it takes to get started) on how to create routes, news, hotspots and collections and make them available through the AppNavi platform.

Mass Publishing

Whether it’s newly created content or a large number of revisions of existing content. With mass publishing, everything can be prepared and tested in advance, and then published in bulk in parallel. This massively reduces the time needed for the publishing process, as not all routes have to go live individually.

Targeting Audience

Not all content, such as Routes, Learning Collections, or Posts, is relevant to everyone. Managers, for example, have to handle different processes and applications than parts of the team. Collections for onboarding (Learning Collections) mostly only affect new employees and are irrelevant for experienced colleagues. Therefore, in terms of simplification, it was important for us to improve the playout to specific roles.

With Targeting Audience, it is now also possible to formulate rules that filter content for specific (target) groups or specific users. This means that only the content that is relevant for the corresponding user is also available to them. Conversely, this also allows a specific content to be published for multiple groups.

When determining or defining the groups, up to five different And/Or rules and so-called “Logical Operators” can be used to describe labels more precisely and to cover all eventualities. These “Logical Operators” are again common parameters like And/Or, (Not)Equal, Contains (Not), Begins/Ends with.

These filtering and descriptive capabilities allow for quick, easy and clear rollout to specific end users.

A continuous improvement process

We talk a lot with our customers and partners and listen to the valuable feedback we receive to constantly improve AppNavi. In doing so, we are especially concerned about the user experience. But not only how end users can experience software in a new way through the Digital Adoption solution, but also how authors and implementation teams can prepare and deliver content in the background. With Mass Publishing and Targeting Audience, we definitely succeeded.


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