Guide your users safely to their destination. Even with changes in the software.

Build interactive signposts through sofware

Use our Element Recognition Technology and identify with the help of mathematical heuristics the elements that you want to consider for the route creation.

Design your individual Tooltips according to your taste and with the content that ideally describes the next step. With the precise toolbox and a simple editor, this happens almost by itself.

Use the complete
Digital Adoption Keyboard

Playfully design the perfect Tooltip with texts, icons, videos or iFrames with just a few mouse clicks. Everything can, nothing must. Because your goal is to be the ideal support for your users.

Create an interactive and sustainable knowledge management with the easy-to-use editor in no time at all.


Explain individual process steps with icons and text. This can be anything from a mouse click to a text input.


Moving pictures are worth a thousand words. Include videos in your Tooltips and it will be clear to everyone what needs to be done.


If content is already available, use it and link it easily in Tooltips. This reduces the effort to a minimum.

Element Recognition Technology

Be smart like AppNavi Technology and prevent impassability.

The AppNavi algorithm is based on fuzzy set theory and machine learning and can handle fuzziness. A score provides the most likely element and thus can also handle changes to your system very well. If there are discrepancies, you can train the algorithm to the correct element with a mouse click.

This way you are prepared for the future and independent of software changes.

Thinks along

Our algorithm finds elements based on similarities. Your system can change, we still find the right element.


Sometimes many roads lead to Rome. If our algorithm does not find a result on one, it takes another path to the goal.

Learns too

Steps can learn. If the surface differs in some situations, you can train single steps to both conditions.

Super stable.
Super flexible.

You’ll love them. Our Element Recognition Technology is extremely stable. Especially in technically complex systems like Salesforce, Dynamics, etc. it works very reliably. However, if there are any deviations, you can easily train the algorithm with one click.

Weight the search

If in doubt, decide whether the search should pay more attention to texts or positions.

Test the content

Take a picture of your content before publishing, then nothing can go wrong.

Map cases

If a surface has different characteristics, you can use more than one recording for a step.

Learn on similar elements

Test your steps easily and let them learn if you want to map different cases. Especially if elements are very similar, you can make them more precise by training the algorithm.

Your AppNavi Tooltips can do much more.

Automate your Tooltips

Intensify the effect of your Tooltips with AppNavi Automation.
<b>Automate your Tooltips</b>

Analyze your Tooltips

Increase the quality of your Tooltips with the help of AppNavi Analytics.
<b>Analyze your Tooltips</b>
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