Realizes what you expect from the Software

Increase acceptance

Software is evaluated, selected and finally implemented with considerable time and effort. With AppNavi software is also used as intended.

New employees learn the most important systems and processes via the OnboardingCenter. If new software is rolled out or existing software is massively modified, the LearningCenter enables employees to train the application at any time.

Increase efficiency

Once the software is rolled out, users use it in very different ways. Depending on previous experience or IT affinity, colleagues and the helpdesk are asked questions or time-consuming experiments are carried out.

Routes and hotspots provide targeted support for employees to get the job done – and learn the software at the same time. Your employees are always well informed about announcements and news. With jumps, processes are also automated: Individual steps such as clicks or keyboard entries can be triggered automatically.

Intensify usage

The acceptance and efficient use of the application are essential evaluation criteria for a successful software rollout. In addition, the price and contract models are also decisive for achieving the desired software ROI.

AppNavi offers flexible price & contract models to reflect any changes in business activities. This includes changes in user or usage figures as well as changes in the respective usage model. In addition, Analytics provides you with valuable information regarding software usage to optimize your license inventory.

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