Inform users directly in the system

Breaking News or Infopoint
Within applications, you provide users with everything they need to know.

Make sure that your audience is always up to date with all relevant news and doesn’t miss anything.

Notify your users actively in the process
Notify your users actively in the process

AppNavi Posts

Inform your users about relevant things. At the ideal point in the workflow, at exactly the right time and suitable for the appropriate people.

Create notifications and publish them directly to the appropriate target system. In a few minutes and without programming knowledge.

Create Posts quickly and easily. You don’t need any technical skills either

Create a new Post

Setup a new Post in the AppNavi customer portal with just a few clicks. Log in and get started right away.

Add content

Use the easy-to-use editor and the many possibilities for your Post creation. Besides the hero, you can create different texts and additive content or include existing content.

Translate content automatically

Localize your content into all languages and dialects so that your addressees understand everything. For up to 30 languages also fully automated by mouse click.

Publish your Post

Distribute your content in the right place and to the right audience with smart target segmentation. Make sure your messages are received and read.

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

We create a user for you and you can already create content for your workspace. For this purpose, we provide you with easy-to-understand input masks. With your first route you are live in 5 minutes.

Anyone can do that. You have to know what you want to explain. Everything else is no code.

Business software in particular is very complex in terms of technology and processes. Most DAP solutions do not work very well here. AppNavi is different. We are very easy to use, but at the same time we master extreme complexity. Our Element Recognition Technology is industry-leading.

IT security, data protection and purchasing. Done. We and our partners have done this many times and are happy to help you. The actual doing is done in a few hours.

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