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Create content easily without training or developer knowledge. The IT is relieved – the business is self-sufficient.
With flexible models, AppNavi adapts to your requirements: technical & commercial.
A solution developed to corporate standards: by professionals, for professionals, for all systems.
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AppNavi helps on demand: it enables, supports, accelerates and frees your users by automation.
User Efficiency-as-a-Service



Very easy handling

AppNavi was designed to enable authors without any developer knowledge to create content on their own. This creates speed in content creation – and reduces dependency on IT and external service providers.

  • To record routes, simply click through the process with the recorder in the software. The tool tips can be edited directly in the recorder.

    The planner provides comprehensive options for designing the tool tips. In addition to textual content, images, videos, links or even iFrames can be integrated.

    The built-in editor allows the tooltips to be designed comprehensively: the size of the tooltip can be easily changed – and all common formatting options allow for a professional design.

    Content creation by anyone
    Accuracy of the algorithm
    Immunity to software changes
  • To record routes, simply click through the process with the recorder in the software. The tool tips can be edited directly in the recorder. AppNavi has an extremely intelligent and learning algorithm that finds the elements even when software changes.

    Software changes frequently – much to the sorrow of those who need to create and update knowledge content. In traditional documents, this means exchanging screenshots and adapting texts. With DAP solutions that store the positions of elements statically, routes are broken off and frustrate users.

    AppNavi has an intelligent and learning algorithm that largely immunizes created routes even when the software is changed.

  • Internationally active customers often face the challenge of providing content in several languages. This is very time-consuming and error-prone.

    With AppNavi a built-in translation system is available. Not only the AppNavi menus are translated – with one click all created content can be translated. No matter if routes, news or announcements.

  • The integration takes only a few minutes – whether as a code snippet or browser extension. Thus AppNavi is immediately available in the respective applications.

    The comprehensive customizing options allow you to adapt to your requirements – whether colors, positions, user segmentation. Many things can be adjusted via the user interface. In addition, the integration of custom code allows almost unlimited individualization.

Many of our customers tell us about their positive experiences with AppNavi. Of course we are very happy about that. At the same time, it encourages us to continue to align AppNavi consistently with the needs of our customers.

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No commercial risks

The business activities of our customers are dynamic – AppNavi is flexible. No matter whether new companies are integrated, user numbers increase or decrease, applications are added or removed: the AppNavi price and contract models adapt to these changes.

  • Many decisions have to be made under uncertainty. The flexible contract models reflect the different dynamics in your company.

    With AppNavi you have a usage-based model without a fixed contract term at your disposal. You always have your budget under control by purchasing usage packages.

    The user-based model optimizes your cost position. And best of all: Via a degressive price curve you benefit from significant economies of scale through the accumulation of users across all applications.

    With the flat model you use AppNavi finally user and use-independent in the entire enterprise.

  • Models without a fixed contract period are particularly useful for short project periods or for applications whose long-term use is not defined.

    The usage-based model does not include a fixed contract term. Each purchased contingent has a validity of 24 months. And with each new purchase of a contingent, the term of the entire available contingent is extended to 24 months.

  • The price models are also flexible. In principle, the prices are lower for more intensive use. This applies to the packages in the usage-based model – as well as the price per user in the user-based model.

    In the user-based model, you benefit from this in particular: each additional application is priced on the basis of the users who are already licensed plus the new users. Thus, the price shrinks significantly with each additional user.

  • The business activities of your company are constantly changing. With our models, you can of course also switch between price and contract models with selected or all applications.


1 for all

Expert system – with maximum investment protection

Every software is different – and every software is developed differently. This poses a challenge for all systems that complement or support these underlying systems. AppNavi was developed by experts for experts and integrates smoothly into (almost) all systems.

  • All applications are different and we know that. As professionals for web development in the enterprise environment, we know the needs of each situation and map them in our software. AppNavi works in all browser-based applications – no matter if single or multi page apps.

  • Our routes map how users work on a daily basis: that’s why AppNavi doesn’t stop at application boundaries: Initiate a process in another application from one application. Or bundle routes for processes in different applications in your intranet for efficient employee onboarding.

  • Avoid a “jungle” of different adoption solutions: use one system for all applications This increases the efficiency of both authors and users. And if you have already invested in support methods like videos or flashcards? So much the better: use them integrated in AppNavi routes at the appropriate place.

  • We know the world of Enterprise IT. We are masters of applications and IT management. In addition to high-performance technology, we have the right answers for CFOs, works councils, IT security specialists and ergonomists.

  • The use of a “serverless” environment stands for highest reliability and fast loading times. And if a specific SaaS region is required – no problem.

  • We almost completely dispense with the storage of personal data. And to prevent misuse in the best possible way, AppNavi follows the “need-to-know principle”. Everyone can and may do what they have to. No more, no less.


User Efficiency-as-a-Services

Customizable. Self learning. Accelerating.

Your applications are not static – neither is AppNavi. Just like your applications, AppNavi is constantly evolving. All with the goal of continuously increasing the efficiency and satisfaction of your users. We call this User Efficiency-as-a-Service.

  • Efficiency is created, among other things, by high recognition. AppNavi can be adapted to your CI as well as to specific applications in such a way that it looks like “all of a piece”. The users will quickly find their way around – in any system!

  • With numerous settings you can perfectly adapt AppNavi to the respective software. Over time it learns and takes over automatically. If an error occurs, it is quickly recognized and corrected.

  • The goal of AppNavi is to continuously increase the efficiency of the users. In the first step the focus is on informing and enabling users. In order to achieve the next efficiency gain, users are actively supported in accomplishing their tasks – while they perform these tasks. In addition, AppNavi accelerates tasks by skipping activities that do not require user action. Automation frees the user from repetitive tasks completely.

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