Mark important places within software

Be flexible when starting Routes or triggering Posts

Place Pins at relevant locations freely in an application and thereby pass on important information to users or enable entry into Routes.

Don’t let your users miss anything by alerting them to important things within software

Set Pins

Choose freely in the software the place where you want to set your Pin.

Choose the content

Choose the right content for your Pin from your created content and insert it.

Activate Pins

Choose the right target group and make the Pins available.

Marked once.
Many possibilities.
Priceless help.

Trigger Posts

Give your users helpful information in the context of the process step. In this way, you proactively reduce queries and errors made exactly where they would occur, while increasing safety, speed and result satisfaction.

Start Routes

You don’t always have to go through everything from A-Z. Especially short processes or important intermediate steps within a sequence can be started at the point where they are supposed to start. This maximizes clarity and flow.

Place hints

Give your colleagues the help they need where they need it. Leave valuable text content that provides exactly the information needed at specific points to help or protect against mistakes and make time-consuming research obsolete.

Your AppNavi Pins can do much more.

Automate your Pins

Trigger an automated Route and AppNavi Automation will do the rest.
<b>Automate your Pins</b>

Analyze your Pins

Increase the quality and success of your Pins with AppNavi Analytics.
<b>Analyze your Pins</b>
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