Your navigation system for software

Guide your users to the target with the help of Routes along a defined use case. Show step by step how to operate a system and what needs to be considered. This way, everyone will get there and there will be no more questions.

Always show your users the next step

You use AppNavi Routes whenever a human needs to understand an interface or master a process. You enable your users to operate your systems immediately, without them having to memorize anything. Your additional advantage: You create a Route once and can use it again and again. And all that in just five steps.

Create a new Route

With our Planner you can easily create new AppNavi Routes. Directly in your target system and without any programming knowledge.

Record the steps

Click. Click. Click. Done. Draw the individual steps in your use case within seconds. Choose from 6 different step types.

Add content

Drag your tooltips to the right size and fill them with the appropriate content. An easy-to-use editor offers you extensive possibilities to create various new contents or to integrate existing ones.

Translate your content

AppNavi speaks many languages and now so do you. Localize your content into all languages and dialects in your organization. For up to 30 languages, simply by head pressure and fully automatically by an integrated translation function.

Publish your Route

Make your AppNavi Route visible to your end users. Decide who can see your Route and where in the system. Use intelligent target segments to be even faster and more precise in the rollout.

Change: The sand in the gears of efficiency

Process + System + Human = Work Done

Processes may be new or undergo changes. Systems are introduced from scratch or rolled out to different countries. Updates bring new features and modules. People work in agile contexts and permanently change roles and teams, etc.

As you can see, solving this success formula is a real challenge. With our Routes we help you to do so. AppNavi Routes explain interfaces and processes completely automatically.

Map your workflow

No matter if you are the only author for AppNavi in your company or if you work with many hundreds of colleagues distributed worldwide with AppNavi – our platform perfectly maps your workflow.

Your AppNavi Routes can do much more

Automate parts of your Routes

Intensify the effect of your Routes with AppNavi Automation.
<b>Automate parts of your Routes</b>

Analyze the success of your Routes

Increase the quality of your Routes with the help of AppNavi Analytics.
<b>Analyze the success of your Routes</b>

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

Very simple. Creating Routes is fast and you don’t need any technical skills either.

All our customers have an account for their organization. There you can create workspaces and assign users to them. These are our AppNavi authors. With such a user you can immediately create your own Routes, work on them together with your colleagues and also roll them out to your users. In 5 minutes you are ready to go.

Anyone can do that. You have to know what you want to explain. Everything else is no code.

Business software in particular is very complex in terms of technology and processes. Most DAP solutions do not work very well here. AppNavi is different. We are very easy to use, but at the same time we master extreme complexity. Our element recognition is industry-leading.

IT security, data protection and purchasing. Done. We and our partners have done this many times and are happy to help you. The actual doing is done in a few hours.

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