Transparency of the software landscape

AppNavi Insights offers new ways to gain complete visibility into enterprise software usage.

Transparency of the software landscape

Transparency of the software landscape 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

With the new release (3.1.0) in early October 2023, we released AppNavi Insights into our solution. This integration has had a big impact because of the many new capabilities the toolset brings. We’ll explain what you can do with the different AppNavi Insights features and what it brings to you and your organization.

AppNavi Insights

Under AppNavi Insights, we now bundle all data aggregating and processing elements under one roof:

  • App Discovery
  • User Behavior Mining
  • Analytics

AppNavi Insights thus acts as a smart data cube that shows the usage of the application landscape and the behavior within individual applications under the software interface. Data is collected completely anonymously and in compliance with data protection laws, and can be transferred to any business intelligence program (for analysis, visualization and evaluation).

The following three core elements are used, which build on each other to help you identify opportunities to optimize costs and efficiency.

App Discovery: the Macro-Analysis

Initially, App Discovery is an excellent way to capture the entire browser-based application landscape. During a specific period (we recommend four weeks in order to also record periodic use), usage data is collected on which software is used, how often, and by which user group. Importantly, this is done completely anonymously, so it is 100% privacy compliant.

AppNavi Discovery provides you with a list of actively used applications at the end of the recording period – even software that should not be officially in use. This allows you to immediately address shadow IT and greatly improve compliance.

If the active applications are then compared with those from the official software catalog, unused applications are quickly identified. These are then candidates for immediate software retirement and can be removed without hesitation.

Because the App Discovery Report also determines how heavily individual applications are used, potential candidates for retirement or transformation can be placed on the watch list for appropriate action.

Another benefit: App Discovery can be initialized within a few minutes via Plug & Play. Simply activate the browser extension – the analysis is then performed automatically.

✓ Improve compliance
✓ Quickly eliminate shadow IT
✓ Reduce costs for unused software

User Behavior Mining: the Micro-Analysis

Compared to App Discovery, measuring behavior within software goes a big step further into detail and into a single application. Here, too, the use of individual software parts, modules and the movements within them are recorded over a predefined period of time. Once again: completely anonymous and thus compliant with data protection.

Various parameters can also be determined in advance in order to be able to answer associated questions ideally after the evaluation. Here we recommend that process and/or application experts determine targets for a user behavior mining analysis in advance and then make the appropriate settings. Our User Behavior Mining offers corresponding setting options.

✓ Improve process compliance and closure
✓ Track the flow of work steps
✓ Identify where processes lead to problems

Analytics: the Digital-Adoption Analysis

The final aspect of AppNavi Insights is the “classic” Digital Adoption Analytics. They round off the overall picture of AppNavi Insights as a data hub. They measure digital adoption measures and present the data in a comprehensible way in the AppNavi portal.  This makes it possible to quickly check whether the AppNavi Guidance is developing in the right direction or whether corrections need to be made in individual routes, etc.

✓ Check the DAP measures
✓ Identify optimization potential
✓ Lead Guidance to a secure success

The start of a continuous optimization loop

Performing analyses, no matter which ones and to what level of detail, is always useful. For example, to get an overview or to get well-founded answers to problems. But, to really move or change something, it is recommended to get into action.

That’s why we have developed AppNavi Insights with the goal that in each of the individual solutions a clear added value for the initiator comes out, with which decision makers or project managers can immediately take action.

If the analyses and recommendations for action are repeated, the result over time is a significantly streamlined application landscape with the best possible user productivity.

Do you also want to finally get transparency in your IT landscape or your processes? Then contact us or test AppNavi 30 days free of charge – the perfect period to perform a first App Discovery.


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