Inform employees
anytime and anywhere

From digital cheat sheets to the internal newsroom

Provide employees with relevant context or important information when they need it in the process.

The AppNavi information package makes you an important spokesperson for your organization.


Actively inform your users in the process

Inform your users about relevant things. At the ideal point in the workflow, at exactly the right time and for the right people.


Combine what belongs together

Bundle routes into collections at the click of a mouse and make them available to your onboardees as a learning collection or colleagues as a training program, for example.


Simply fix important elements in your software.

If you want a route to start at certain points within the software or a post to inform users about the next steps, mark this position freely in the application and your users will no longer miss anything.

Be part of something big – industry leaders are already relying on AppNavi for digital transformation

Global rollout of an HR transformation program

As part of the standardization of global processes in the area of HR Self Service and HR Administration, AppNavi was used to support the rollout. This meant that traditional training was not required for all employees in around 70 countries. Instead, AppNavi Guidance was used. Costs for hypercare, training and support were significantly reduced.

Rollout of a transformation program

As part of an IT transformation program, three systems were rolled out and continuously trained with the help of AppNavi. In addition to saving initial costs for hypercare and support, AppNavi also helps to manage staff turnover. When employees change in the restaurants, AppNavi ensures simultaneous on-boarding so that new employees are ready for work more quickly.

International rollout of SAP SuccessFactors

AppNavi was used as a change management initiative during the rollout of SuccessFactors at a global market leader for transition and door security systems for buses and trains. In addition to providing tool and process knowledge, another focus was on reducing fears and reservations about the new software.

Introduction of a global leasing platform

An AppNavi was used for training and rollout as part of the conversion of a core system at the customer with an impact on all car dealerships. The initial focus here was on training and on-boarding. In the further course, the focus will also shift to error reduction and the reduction of support costs.

Your AppNavi Guidance can do much more.


Intensify the effect of your guidance with the help of AppNavi Automation.


Guide users unerringly and error-free through complex software and processes

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

We create a user for you and you can start creating content for your workspace. We provide you with easy-to-understand input masks for this purpose. With your first route, you’ll be live in 5 minutes.

Anyone can do that. You need to know what you want to explain. Everything else is no code.

Business software in particular is technically and procedurally very complex. Most DAP solutions do not work very well here. AppNavi is different here. We are extremely easy to use, but at the same time master extreme complexity. Our element recognition is industry-leading.

IT security, data protection and purchasing. That’s it. We and our partners have done this many times and are happy to help you. The actual doing is done in just a few hours.

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