Develop each employee into a professional

Customize your Guidance

Develop target group-specific Collections and unlock them individually for specific employee groups.

Overcome the skills shortage by enabling employees to operate any software instantly with Digital Adoption

Simplify universal OnBoardings

Combine relevant routes into collections and make them available to your onboarders as a learning collection, for example. Routes can start in the same or different systems.

Develop sustainable & cost-effective trainings

Create small packages for your users and track the impact of your trainings. If users have questions in the system after a training, they can be answered on the spot.

Develop sustainable & cost-effective trainings

Centralize software training and development programs in one place and offer them to targeted groups of employees for assistance or training.

Create individual Collections with a few mouse clicks and without prior knowledge

Create Routes

Develop Routes for your employees together with departments.

Set Collections to

From the Routes you have created, select the ones you want to group together as a Collection.

Deliver Collections

Decide which group of employees should have which Route displayed in their system. New employees get the Onboarding Collections. Accounting colleagues a collection of helpful Routes for the software to use.

Your AppNavi Collections can do much more

your Collections

Intensify the effect of your Routes within your Collections using AppNavi Automation.
<b>Automate<br /> your Collections</b>

your Collections

Increase the quality of your Collections with the help of AppNavi Analytics.
<b>Analyze<br /> your Collections</b>
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