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AppNavi Automation

AppNavi Automation is one of the core elements in your AppNavi platform. It is available to you in every license model without additive costs and can be activated with just one click.

Automate your routes, pins, posts, etc. with AppNavi. – simply with a mouse click.

Robotic Process Automation

Let the computer work

With AppNavi RPA you achieve two goals. First, you can instantly beam your users to their destination – all clicks and actions to navigate to a location in the system or set visibility are skipped. This makes your users much faster.

At the same time you prevent user errors, because “human error” is excluded.

AppNavi Client API

Be there live

You can also launch parts of your guidance from your target application. For this purpose we provide you with a client API. Here you can access a wide range of events and methods. Just imagine what you can do with our Client API!

From Simplicity to Complexity

RPA for everyone

Automate a recorded step in seconds. Use our Planner for this.
Click the switch. Done.

Do it your way

You can add customizations in two places. At the level of steps in a route and before AppNavi is loaded. We have made this feature available for professionals.

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

Your authors can easily create simple automatisms themselves. All you need to do is set a slider in the step to “automate”.

In addition, very complex automatisms are also possible. There are no limits to your creativity. All possible clicks, keystrokes etc. can be implemented. You can also use parameters to have texts written automatically depending on the situation, etc.

Where is the limit? Think carefully about the effect you want to achieve with RPA and the effort you are investing. As long as this business case is positive, there is no limit.

We are integrated into your system and are part of the site. This allows us to trigger actions in the page automatically. Your users will work in light speed from now on ­čśŐ

We operate in a web-based environment and make RPA available to non-specialist authors within this framework.

Even without robotic specialists you can massively accelerate parts of your processes. This makes it as easy as possible to make RPA available to specialist departments as well.

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