5 good reasons for Digital Adoption in 2023

Hit the ground running in the new year with the best of intentions.

5 good reasons for Digital Adoption in 2023

5 good reasons for Digital Adoption in 2023 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

New year, new resolutions.

Getting rid of the annoying job, renouncing unpleasant habits or training off one or the other superfluous pound. Many great inspirations flicker through the country in the New Year, but it is a statistical fact that 80% of the well-considered ideas are forgotten just as quickly as the melted snow in spring after two months at the latest.

But instead of doing without something or getting rid of something negative, how about something positive and which really brings something?

That’s why we want to set the best example and offer five good reasons to really get going in 2023 in your company and which you want to use in the long term – namely with the help of Digital Adoption by AppNavi!

Build up knowledge, on the side

Knowledge is power – as English philosophers knew in the 16th century. But rarely do you get support from your employer to accumulate it or have the time to develop it in your work environment. With Digital Adoption, employees are not only provided with common digital processes supported by software, but there are also many opportunities to pack knowledge into their “knowledge backpacks” during work without cost-intensive training or education.

Reduce fluctuation

Especially the turn of the year is a much sought-after time to get a clear picture of one’s own job situation and to reorient oneself. Keyword: Good resolutions for the new year! Employers therefore have the task of either trying to create a working environment for their employees that keeps fluctuation low or to use the opportunity to recruit new talent. Digital adoption can be a helpful tool.

Dynamic workforce

With Digital Adoption by AppNavi you can easily circumvent the shortage of skilled workers by making everyone a skilled worker and doing so dynamically. You can avoid idle time and peak workloads by explaining processes transparently to employees and guiding them through the AppNavi Guidance as if the new or non-specialist workforce had always worked with it. This opens up completely new possibilities to distribute work in the teams and the “work-work balance” reaches new dimensions.

The simplest  change management project

Digitization is costing companies millions. New software and digital tools are rolled out en masse and are supposed to relieve employees. The fact that, statistically speaking, every second employee is overwhelmed by them is forgotten. Millions more are spent on change management, so that employees can accept the new processes and applications and deal with them. With Digital Adoption by AppNavi you promote the success of the digital transformation with simultaneous understanding of the users by connecting both parties. Finally, the success of your digitalization strategy sits in front of the monitor.

Digital Adoption drives sustainability

Sustainability issues are moving back up corporate and political agendas. People, business and climate are all being considered. Digital Adoption by AppNavi can make a valuable contribution in these three areas and thus also supports the achievement of the goals of the Agenda 2030. You can also make a positive contribution and quickly and easily support your organization in achieving these sustainability goals by implementing AppNavi.

Were we able to provide you with inspiration for your professional resolutions for 2023? If so, we are very happy about it. If you are curious now, feel free to contact us without obligation and let us show you these five good reasons or convince yourself by testing AppNavi for 30 days for free. Here’s to a great year 2023!


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