Dynamic workforce with high data quality

Eliminate idle time by making everyone a specialist.

Dynamic workforce with high data quality

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A situation that one would not wish for. While some colleagues are trying to cope with tasks close to burnout, others are sitting out parts of their working hours due to a lack of to-dos. We will now take a closer look at how to manage the balance within one’s own organization and how to avoid keeping the quality of performance and the motivation of the workforce constantly high.

Work-work balance

Work-life balance is a popular topic when companies tout their promise of agile working to acquire new employees. But agile working today has to be about more than the daily rhythms or workplace gusto of individual employees. Otherwise, it would be called “agile going to work.” You should look at what happens behind the four office walls.

Seasonal working is actually more familiar from tourist strongholds. Only when vacationers from various countries arrive for relaxed sunbathing do cities come to life and turn night into day, but outside the vacation season they are virtually deserted. However, a similar principle can also be found in everyday working life. Here, the aforementioned season is much shorter (between a month or a year). Some areas in organizations have peak periods, the Christmas business or, conversely, the infamous summer slump. Therefore, how to balance this imbalance?

Many employment contracts prophesied that employers would be allowed to use employees for other activities according to their competencies. Practically speaking, however, it is not possible to deploy employees elsewhere unprepared. The overload would be great, frustration and poor data quality guaranteed. But who agrees to cost-intensive training or education for a scheduled interim job that is taken over every few weeks? How often have you heard the phrase, “Does this training have anything to do with their core job?”

Finally live agile working despite skills shortages

So far, then, agile working has been limited, not least by the New Work preachers and home office disciples, to the variance of one’s core activity or how companies deal with employees and change. But not how to deal with workload per se. Are all colleagues working at the same level of capacity? Are (technical) hurdles removed for everyone? Are targets and goals being met?

Especially in the current time, in which the war for talents or the shortage of skilled workers haunts the office corridors, the risk is particularly high that tasks are delegated or taken over by people who can only handle them sparsely. We have already shown the consequences of this, which have a dramatic effect on efficiency and ultimately on unnecessary costs.

So what is needed is a way to meet the challenge of a dynamic and agile workforce while ensuring that the results are highly satisfying.

Make everyone a dynamic professional

Digitalization tries to solve such circumstances with software, so that many things can be done faster, more productively, better. So far, however, this has only worked to a limited extent. Nevertheless, it is possible to take up this idea and, with the help of software, circumvent the shortage of skilled workers, give employees the opportunity to take on tasks outside their area of expertise and, in doing so, ensure that processes and the end results are flawless: Digital Adoption by AppNavi.

Interactive routes of AppNavi Guidance guide through applications in the best possible way, so that digital processes can be carried out by “non-specialist or external personnel” without relying on training, education or in-house academies. Idle time is a thing of the past and vacation or maternity leave replacements no longer cause anxiety sweats.

When everyone understands what step they need to take next, error rates are significantly reduced and knowledge is unconsciously imparted – continuing education included, so to speak.

Digital Adoption by AppNavi creates a modern work environment that not only takes into account how and where someone wants to work, but also what and how tasks can be distributed in companies in the future. Really agile and dynamic.

This is just one of many scenarios in which Digital Adoption by AppNavi can support companies.

Are you facing a similar situation or would you like to lead your workforce into a dynamic future? Then get in touch and let us show you AppNavi and the other benefits without obligation.


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