Digital Adoption drives sustainability

The global community is calling for sustainability in the implementation of the digital transformation, among other things. Digital Adoption can be a key to this.

Digital Adoption drives sustainability

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After the Corona pandemic took over the headlines of the last few years and almost displaced climate change, the current energy crisis brought a pithy topic back on the table or the front pages: sustainability and the management of resources on our planet.

The Agenda 2030 (adopted by the global community in September 2015 and overseen by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) describes 17 goals for sustainable development in a social, economic and environmental context.

In this context, the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) is paying into the 2030 Agenda with their Natürlich.Digital.Nachhaltig. program, which aims to make digital technologies and innovation more sustainable and promote them.

But what does this have to do with Digital Adoption by AppNavi?

With our Digital Adoption Platform we offer, apart from enabling employees to use software directly and correctly, also many qualitative benefits (under the surface, so to speak) that sustainably improve the interaction with people and the environment.

Sustainability through digitization

In defining sustainability, the BMBF describes three ideas that are linked to digitization. Succinctly summarized, these are:

Digitization promotes the individual human being
Every person should live freely, healthily and in a self-determined manner. Digital developments should support the individual’s personal development.

Digitization promotes society
The focus here is on the social aspects of the 17 sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda and how digital technologies and innovations can fulfill them. The focus here is on prosperity and competitiveness and innovation.

Digitization promotes the conservation of natural resources
Resources are limited and must be used wisely. Innovations should therefore protect them and the climate and support efforts to achieve the environmental sustainability line.

AppNavi as a sustainability funding program

We have learned about the three core areas in which the BMBF would like to provide funding in order to sustainably shape the digital transformation and digitization approaching change. Digital Adoption by AppNavi supports in the mentioned sustainability topics:

Human sustainability: In personal development and professional realization, AppNavi supports at many points. For example, workers can be dynamically deployed to compensate for peak loads or idle time. Because by enabling the immediate and full use of software, everyone becomes a skilled worker. This increases well-being and health in the workplace and reduces stress. In addition, employees can take on new tasks “on-the-fly” or learn completely new processes; thus, they can develop themselves in passing and no matter where they work – in the office, remotely or abroad – no problem.

Sustainability in the company and society: Many companies invest immensely in digital transformation in order to be competitive and continue to offer products and jobs. Unfortunately, the bridge to people and employees is often not built and millions of euros are wasted on the screens. But Digital Adoption by AppNavi is exactly there to go this last mile and supports it. Helps to reduce errors, gain acceptance and increase efficiency and can accelerate employees and connect partners, suppliers and customers through the software-based use of innovations.

Sustainability of resource use: Away from the production and use of laptops, smartphones and TVs, data centers and search engine queries are among the CO2 offenders, according to the 2020 Digital Carbon Footprint study. If employees are equipped with AppNavi, queries regarding software and processes are significantly reduced. Google and Co. no longer need to be consulted, and helpdesk services also breathe a sigh of relief. One second of search engine queries worldwide alone would have to be made up for by 23 trees.

There is also no longer any need to hold time-consuming training sessions via video conference or to provide training material in the form of videos or documents that clutter up data centers.

In addition, user behavior mining can be used to analyze the use of software. Thus, also which licenses and thus the performance requirements of end devices are considered, which can make a significant difference in the carbon footprint.

You would also like to introduce sustainable measures in your organization and thereby benefit people, the company and the climate? Then feel free to contact us or try AppNavi 30 days for free and see for yourself the many possibilities and benefits.


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