Digital Adoption – the simplest change management project

How to avoid wasting billions of euros on digitization.

Digital Adoption – the simplest change management project

Digital Adoption – the simplest change management project 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

Companies face major changes

Especially in the last few years, new challenges have developed for companies and their employees as a result of external circumstances, and have become downright more acute. But also the internal or own requirements by a changing world set the goals for companies and the modern working world high.


> Globalization
> Global crises
> Digitalization & Digital Transformation
> New Work
> Social demographic change


> Making mergers successful
> Creating & optimizing eco-systems
> Increase efficiency
> Reduce costs
> Avoid mistakes

The interaction between the external and internal aspects are driving the agendas of various companies. Two terms in particular come up most often in conversations and in many studies on the topic:
Digitization and Change Management.

Digitization billions fizzle out on the user

It quickly becomes clear why these two terms are mentioned in the same breath. Companies are stumbling at the crossroads of digital transformation. They go to great lengths to provide employees with the tools and measures they need to hold their own in times of a meritocracy, a shortage of skilled workers (war for talent) and the points already mentioned; on the other hand, this is precisely the problem. High expenditures fizzle out because companies do not (yet) go the last mile to get the digitization engine running, and are thus caught in a hamster wheel of costs and resentment. Change management is supposed to fix that.

Let’s look at this situation in detail.

| Introduction of software

Companies are constantly introducing new software to meet the demands of the modern workplace. Billions are spent in the process and there is no end in sight.

| Overstrained employees

More and more software is supposed to make everyday work easier, but almost every second employee is overwhelmed by it. So more is not better. Chaotic workarounds or inadequate use are the consequences.

| Incorrect operation

If employees are not familiar with the handling of software or the individual steps of processes, mistakes happen. This is quite normal. But the rework of these errors costs companies tenfold.

| Destructive efficiency

Meanwhile, we have already reached an area where employees, even with software at their fingertips, cannot perform what is expected, which is reflected in effectiveness and in data quality.

| Lack of acceptance

If errors in use and inferior data quality come to light, and they will, the frustration is great and the acceptance of change is completely in the cellar. In most cases, the only options currently available are quickly resorted to. Education and training. These are expensive and usually only build up stock knowledge. The positive effect quickly evaporates. The costs remain.

| Change Management

As these cycles multiply with the increasing number of introduced software, companies resort to the last resort: Change Management. This is supposed to bring departments to a desired target state and avoid the example problems mentioned above. In the process, billions are once again being invested primarily in the acceptance of the measures.

This results in the problem that the hamster wheel of digitization permanently brings new software, but investments do not pay off. Worse still, it leads to further costs.

The simplest change management project through the easiest to use digital adoption platform

If you summarize the two previous sections, you can read out that your own set goals coupled with the rapidly changing world culminate in extremely high investments. And there is no guarantee that this will lead to success.

Digital Adoption by AppNavi has faced exactly this fact and offers a solution through the platform of the same name. Software-supported empowerment of employees to use digitalization measures immediately and fully (see AppNavi Guidance) reduces training by 90%, accelerates employees by 30% and increases first-time-right by 50%. And that’s not all (Effects of AppNavi).

We are so confident that we will achieve these potential savings and efficiencies that we can calculate them very accurately using indicative business cases.

In parallel, the implementation of Digital Adoption by AppNavi is child’s play and can overcome many internal company barriers in no time at all due to the corporate-readiness approach, so that you can get started right away.

So book a no-obligation appointment and let us show you your potential or demonstrate how quickly you can get started with AppNavi. Wow effects guaranteed.


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