Reduce Fluctuation with Digital Adoption

Three scenarios where Digital Adoption helps either find the right talent or not lose it.

Reduce Fluctuation with Digital Adoption

Reduce Fluctuation with Digital Adoption 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

The end of the year traditionally heralds the time for reflection and get-togethers with family. A balance is taken and people recapitulate the past year – after all, a resolution for the coming twelve months must be determined.

In the process, people often take a closer look at their employment and employer, and the change of year in particular is popular for a potential job change. That is, the holidays are used not only for festivities, but also for job hunting and polishing up the resume.

Changing perspective, there are two scenarios from an employer’s perspective: Try to retain employees or use the opportunity to acquire and train new talent. Digital Adoption can be helpful for both.

Better address employee turnover

Companies are ambivalent about the rate of employee turnover. Some try to keep the rate and the associated costs as low as possible, while others only take notice when the flood of work has reached a critical level due to a lack of employees.

Many companies therefore proactively resort to retaining employees through training and development measures. This is not a bad idea, as it promotes personal development on the one hand and the individual’s affiliation with the company on the other. Very popular in this context is the familiarization with new software programs as further training. The crux of the matter is that classic forms of training are not only expensive (from the lecturer’s fee, to the creation and maintenance of the material, to the absences during the training), but also hardly achieve any long-term effects.

Digital Adoption can be a support in the early stages to help employees from onboarding to personal development. No matter what browser-based application, AppNavi routes can be used to train any employee on any software in a fun way. Since this happens “on-the-fly”, one can no longer speak of training, but rather of software-supported work – “learning while doing”.

Frustration and related internal resignations can thus be prevented and the focus can be on other employee retention programs that really make the difference, and interactive training can be deployed cheaply and across the board. Win-Win.

War for Talents – finding, attracting and retaining the right talent

The shortage of skilled workers is increasingly plaguing companies. As one may doubt the existence of the eagerly required egg-laying willow, HR managers increasingly search for talent within their own organization or try to train suitable candidates for new or changed roles.

In doing so, we are pursuing a new concept with Digital Adoption by AppNavi. Make everyone a specialist! By being able to introduce every employee to systems with software support, without expensive training or education, completely new dimensions of efficiency increases and cost savings arise. And the respective person develops completely automatically. As a result, there is no need to get involved in the war for talent. After all, you already have the required know-how and the corresponding manpower in-house.

At the same time, this idea can be used to dynamize the workforce. When “human resources” are scarce, colleagues can step in and do so 100%. Finally, thanks to digital adoption, everyone is familiar with all software and can use it immediately. And in times of digitalization, that’s exactly what matters.

The perfect OnBoarding simply implemented

Once the first rounds of greetings and the initial excitement have subsided, it’s time to get down to business with the technical infrastructure and the first tasks. Then the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff. Some companies go to great lengths to implement fully comprehensive familiarization programs. Starting with Meet&Greets through the entire company, up to entry projects for the first weeks including a mentor. However, this is also rather rare, because time then quickly becomes scarce. Getting to know the most important tools often doesn’t happen (anymore). If necessary, the first help desk tickets are quickly opened or colleagues are kept from working by asking a lot of questions – if they dare. Fear and frustration start to grow.

Here one should counteract fast and/or can prevent this simply, in which Digital Adoption by AppNavi is integrated e.g. into the own Intranet. New employees automatically receive the most important routes, posts (including relevant information) and collections with familiarization collections for the perfect start. Once set up adapted played out for the appropriate role of OnBoardees – no matter who is next new to the company.

Another advantage: One click in the intranet and AppNavi starts the application including the route and the new colleague can start right away and begin to relieve the team and familiarize himself with his topics Learning While Doing. The start is therefore faster, more effective and more direct.

Not only are the costs for training and the number of unnecessary help desk tickets vehemently reduced, but the mood of the new colleague is carried far beyond the probationary period and the colleagues are also really relieved by the new employee. And that’s how it should be.

Digital Adoption concerns everyone

The advantages and areas of application of Digital Adoption by AppNavi are manifold. Not only, cross-industry, but according to experience, the introduction is also very useful in all common departments – after all, digitalization does not stop at anyone without exception.

That’s why we have developed an indicative business case that shows these benefits quantitatively and qualitatively. If you want to learn more about it, feel free to ask us and we will show you what you can achieve together with Digital Adoption by AppNavi. Just get in touch and let’s get started.


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