Which Digital Adoption Solution to Choose?

What are the differences and advantages of the Corporate Digital Adoption solutions?

Which Digital Adoption Solution to Choose?

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Digital Adoption as a profitable tool to support working methods and workflows for software users is gaining more and more attention and importance.

But where are the differences and which are relevant for you?

Are Digital Adoption platforms all the same?

At first glance, Digital Adoption platforms and Digital Adoption solutions appear similar. Especially with regard to their range of functions. However, most of them primarily want to offer help in everyday work. How this is implemented is already one of the first distinguishing features. A distinction is made between “simple” Digital Adoption solutions and “corporate” Digital Adoption platforms.

The simpler solutions can offer classic help, for example by displaying a link to an existing document. You can compare this with pressing “F1” in Microsoft applications or here in the browser. Then the help search window appears as well. Or a small guided tour through an application is offered. This is also known from newer software applications, like Adobe products, which explain the first steps in the tool. This help is mostly of a general nature.

For whom are such simple tools worthwhile?

Smaller companies and also smaller medium-sized companies can already benefit from these providers, especially when it comes to introducing general applications and explaining them superficially, e.g. Microsoft 365 or Google Drive. As a first step to digitize the business a bit more or to tackle the first steps of digital transformation, this can already succeed.

Corporate Digital Adoption Platforms

The differences between simpler solutions and corporate Digital Adoption solutions go much deeper. The difference lies mainly “under the hood”.

Corporate DAP providers are not just about offering a little help here or there, but actively supporting the process of individual employees in a complex corporate and application structure. This results in further advantages for users and companies. Errors can be avoided, costs can be saved in many places, and much more.

But how does this happen?

Whereas with the simpler tools we were still familiar with links to documents or the odd “pop-up”, corporate Digital Adoption platforms, such as AppNavi, work with an interactive layer that is placed over the target application. This layer can then highlight and explain elements accordingly, such as a button, menu item, or form, and then guide you step-by-step through the process. This allows anyone to use software correctly right away. Consider the possibilities!

But to ensure this, the corresponding element must be identified in advance during the route design based on a search. This is where the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff in the corporate DAP environment and shows how important the engine is with these providers. So keep a special eye on it!

Because trends in software programming make it difficult to recognize elements superficially (shadow roots, nesting, etc.) and you need a stable and strong search algorithm that can handle them.

Beyond that, we can only urge you: Digital Adoption is everybody’s business. Therefore, you should take a closer look at providers that do not only focus on single aspects or applications. Digital Adoption is a philosophy that should support the entire company across departments and applications, so that the full effect can be felt. It is not intended to be another tool in the digital strategy, but rather to lead it to success.

How is AppNavi different?

If we look at the two aspects from the last section, AppNavi can score especially with AI Search, an AI-powered search algorithm with a machine learning approach that is unique on the market. The search technology allows especially to penetrate complicated programming and to reliably recognize elements, so that created routes remain consistent. And this without any programming knowledge.

We were talking about cross-departmental consideration. This is especially true in the growing international market. With AppNavi, all content can be automatically translated into nearly 30 languages at the touch of a button, something you’ll only find with us. We also look at the holistic integration of AppNavi into our customers’ structures and focus on the interconnectivity of the individual AppNavi Digital Adoption components. So that the added value of our solution reaches as many employees as possible and the resulting effect triggers the optimization potential as large as possible. In addition to classic guidance, this also includes automation, analytics and user behavior mining.

AppNavi is designed to be “corporate-ready” and therefore there are very few hurdles to overcome in order to get started quickly. It is our goal to be simple and to the in all aspects: from integration, usage to evaluation.

You’re looking for a Digital Adoption vendor right now? First of all, great! You’re choosing the right path. Feel free to contact us and we’ll talk about your goals or just test AppNavi on your own for 30 days and get an idea.


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