User Behavior Mining

User Behavior Mining analyzes the usage of applications on the basis of aggregated mass data and derives conclusions for you. In other words: User Behavior Mining is a powerful tool to examine the software system landscape in a well-founded way and thus support decision makers.

Use our sophisticated measurement sensor technology and analyze how users behave in your systems

Check applications and processes very carefully

On the one hand, we provide you with exact measuring results and thus gain in knowledge. Use this knowledge when planning your cloud strategy. For example, you can decide in which order software needs to be replaced or rewritten. In a next step we help you to operationalize your change initiatives. You will immediately recognize where help is needed to realize your transformation.

Be part of something big – industry leaders already rely on AppNavi in digital transformation

Worldwide rollout of an HR transformation program

As part of the standardization of global processes in the area of HR Self Service and HR Administration, AppNavi was used to support the rollout. For all employees in approx. 70 countries, classical training could thus be dispensed with. Instead, AppNavi Guidance was used. Costs for hypercare, training and support were significantly reduced.

Rollout of a transformation program

As part of an IT transformation program, three systems were rolled out and continuously trained with the help of AppNavi. In addition to saving initial expenses for hypercare and support, AppNavi also helps manage staff turnover. When employees change restaurants, AppNavi provides simultaneous on-boarding so new employees are ready to work faster.

International rollout of SAP SuccessFactors

During the rollout of SuccessFactors at a global market leader for transition and door safety systems for buses and trains, AppNavi was used as a change management initiative. In addition to conveying tool and process knowledge, another focus was on reducing fears and reservations about the new software.

Introduction of a global leasing platform

As part of the changeover of a core system at the customer’s site, which affected all car dealerships, an AppNavi was used for training and rollout. The initial focus was on training and on-boarding. In the further course, the focus will also be on error reduction and the reduction of support efforts.

Frequently. Asked. Questions.

We operate in a web-based environment and make data mining available to non-specialist authors within this framework. Even without a data scientist, you understand how your systems are used – for example, you do not have to define a process beforehand in order to measure it afterwards. This makes it as easy as possible to make User Behavior Mining available to departments as well.

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