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Not more information – but targeting the right people
If you take a look at the information channels used on a daily basis today, the picture is usually quite colourful: different e-mail addresses, various chat systems, social networks and much more. Staying concentrated at work today is therefore becoming a challenge. In this respect, the goal must be to provide the right target group with information at the right time and in the right scope.

Intranets can make a significant contribution here. Guide your users through the information systems and share information exactly where employees need it via the news function.

And customers? Surely you have exact ideas how you want to guide customers to your website, e.g. to increase the conversion rate – or to make customers more satisfied, because they find what they are looking for faster.

Extract from the systems supported by AppNavi:


Whether intranet or websites. Our customers rely on our expertise – and on AppNavi.

Victoria Heidenstedt
Sales Manager

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