Collaboration systems

Effective and efficient cooperation is an essential prerequisite for business success
Cooperation has always been important. But in recent years it has changed massively. In the past, it was enough to go into the next room, but today employees find themselves in a different world.

Customers and projects are often international. Time zones and languages must be bridged and more and more employees are in the home office. In addition, the nature of collaboration has changed: highly structured or rigid procedures are increasingly being supplemented – or even replaced – by agile methods.

An almost unmanageable number of solutions are struggling for customers in this field. Whether for video conferences, document management, chat etc. In many companies there are even parallel systems. AppNavi helps your employees to keep the overview – and always find the most suitable way.

Extract from the collaboration systems supported with AppNavi:

ConfluenceJiraSharePointSkypeSlackTeamsWebExZoom&Your individual software

Whether SharePoint, Office365 or other systems: collaboration requires change. That’s why we use AppNavi.

Corinna Strube
Project Lead Digital Adoption

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