Success Story: e-QSS from Neumann & Neumann

Sell software in the best possible way:

30% more revenue – 60% fewer help desk tickets

Success Story: e-QSS from Neumann & Neumann

Sell software in the best possible way:

30% more revenue – 60% fewer help desk tickets

Finally a QM software without training …

Neumann & Neumann Software & Beratungs GmbH is the market leader for the intelligent digitization of all quality processes and software manufacturer of the popular QM software e-QSS. Enthusiastic customers are already digitizing their QM processes with e-QSS in over 80 countries. The certified QM software is used in more than 100 different areas of application in a wide range of industries – also in multiple languages. For Neumann & Neumann it has been a matter of course to integrate the best possible features & high-performance partners for the most diverse customer requirements for over 30 years.

The joint project with AppNavi has already produced excellent results in initial surveys and customer enthusiasm is high. The usability of e-QSS is further increased and the onboarding and support teams are relieved.

This has been achieved so far …


Reduced dropout rate

Targeted guidance of users by means of learning paths significantly reduced the dropout rate during test phases.


Increased conversion

Providing relevant information in the testing process significantly shortened the decision-making process and increased conversion.


Reduced how-to-questions

Already in the first weeks of using AppNavi, a significant reduction in how-to questions was achieved in customer support.


Software vendor:
Neumann & Neumann
> 30,000
global (> 80 countries)
Used components:
Routes, Hotspots, News, Announcements, Learning Center, RPA
Project duration:
1 month

Make your organization a digital champion.

Using software made easy

AppNavi introduces users to new systems while they work in them. With RPA, their workflows are accelerated.

Our service does not act here

But here

We put a layer over your software. At every moment, the exact information is provided that is needed to execute the next step without any problems.

These and other specialists in Workplace, Digital Adoption, RPA & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

These and other specialists in Workplace, Digital Adoption, RPA & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

  • Every company faces the challenge of increasing its business success. For software providers, this means in particular increasing the conversion rate, reducing the intensity of support for prospects and customers during the pre-sales and later usage phases, and retaining customers in the long term.

    • Convince in the shortest time
      Users often have little time to familiarize themselves with the complete functionalities of a software. A software must convince in a narrow time window.
    • Guide users safely
      Since users usually perform the test on their own, you have little influence on this process. In order to provide the prospective customer with a maximally positive user experience, he or she should be guided step-by-step through the software in a “customer journey”.
    • Accompany prospects – but with little effort
      The prospective customer should be accompanied unobtrusively during the trial phase. Providing the right information at the right time is particularly important for sales success. At the same time, however, sales or support capacities should be burdened as little as possible.
    • Simplifying onboarding
      Onboarding new customers should be quick and easy – without time-consuming training or rapidly aging manuals. Users should quickly find their way around the new software – and onboarding teams should be available for new projects.
    • Maintaining loyalty – relieving the helpdesk
      During productive use, it should be a “breeze” for users. This increases user and customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, it must relieve the burden on the customer help desk – as well as on the company’s own.
  • Make trial phase a success
    For the trial phase, a storyboard was developed to guide prospects safely through the software. Based on this, routes were created that – bundled in collections – guided the new user through all essential functionalities from implementation and configuration to the efficient use of e-QSS. Announcements and news provided interested parties with exactly the information they needed for their decision-making process.

    Onboarding “made easy”
    In order to align the supporting content with the respective target groups, the user groups were segmented. Depending on their role within e-QSS, users are shown different content. Collections are also used here: this eliminates the need for time-consuming training sessions and users are easily familiarized with the system by means of learning collections.

    Always the help you need
    In productive use, the relevant routes are provided and guide users safely through the application. In particular, users who work in the software only irregularly receive exactly the help they need “on demand”. When e-QSS changes, users find out about it via news and announcements – at the right time, in the right system. Hotspots highlight new or changed functionalities. This way, users no longer miss out on anything.

    Automated with RPA
    With the AppNavi RPA functionality, recurring processes could be automated. This includes the automated execution of “blank steps” as well as the fully automated filling of forms.

    • Lower dropout rates
      More targeted user guidance during the trial phase created a positive user experience, accelerated the evaluation phase – and significantly reduced dropout rates.
    • Higher conversion
      Thanks to the controlled user guidance and the situation-specific provision of relevant information, the evaluation phase was significantly accelerated and the conversion rate increased.
    • Relief for the sales teams
      The sales teams receive significantly fewer user questions and can focus more on the sales process. Due to the reduced time commitment, they were able to significantly increase the number of customers served.
    • Significant reduction in training costs
      Training costs have been significantly reduced both on the Neumann & Neumann side and on the customer side: No need to create and maintain documentation, no need to plan and conduct training. And: no lost working time due to training participation.
    • Reduction of help desk tickets
      On both the customer and vendor side, the number of how-to questions has been significantly reduced. I.e. less work for the help desks – autonomous work by the users without annoying waiting time.
    • Longer-term customer loyalty
      Satisfied customers are usually loyal customers. Customer satisfaction could be further expanded through the use of AppNavi.
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