Enable your users

Do you have the challenge to prepare users for new or changed software? Do the users of your software change regularly due to fluctuation or change of position in the company?

With AppNavi you have various possibilities to inform employees at the right moment – or even train them.


Most users today receive too much information. However, this information often reaches the user at the wrong moment or in the wrong place. With our announcements and news you can inform your employees exactly when employees are working in the respective software. Changes in processes or regulations reach the employee at exactly the right moment. With our hotspots you can also position information at different places in your application. This way, the employee sees information directly in his work process.


With the Learning Center you can train your users before, during and after the rollout in the software. Learning paths are bundled in collections, which can be run through by the user at any time. The routes usually refer to a training system. In this way, every task can be learned without changing productive data. The user can see at any time how far he has already completed the learning paths. And the best thing about it: The same routes are also used for the accompaniment in the live system – there is therefore no duplication of the creation effort.

Your benefits

  • Efficiency from day 1
    Training of employees before, during and after the software rollout
  • Easy onboarding of new employees
    Without having to ask other users or the helpdesk, even new employees can start using the software directly
  • Transparent overview of the learning progress
    Employees get a simple overview of already completed and pending learning paths
  • Information at the right time
    The effectiveness of the information is increased because it reaches the employees at the right time in the right work area
  • Low creation effort
    Since the created routes can be used both for training purposes (learning paths) and for ondemand support in the live system, multiple efforts are avoided
Reduction of how-to-questions
Increasing user efficiency
Increasing user satisfaction
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