You want to relieve your employees by robotics – without a long RPA setup?

You want to relieve your employees by robotics – without a long RPA setup?

  • Automate recurring processes without developer knowledge and expensive consultants. Give employees more time for “important” tasks.

  • Whether one or hundreds of employees: with simple settings, everyone can enjoy the benefits of automation.

  • Learn which automatisms make sense – and which do not. Adapt automatisms easily and optimize the processes continuously.

Help your organization. So that the digital change succeeds & you save money.

Using software made easy

AppNavi introduces your users to new systems while they work on them.

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We put a layer over your software. At every moment, we provide exactly the information needed to easily perform the next step.

These and other specialists from the areas of Workplace, Digital Adoption & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

These and other specialists from the areas of Workplace, Digital Adoption & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

  • Automation gladly – but fast and inexpensive

    Many tasks must be repeated regularly. This often means a lot of “manual work”. This is neither efficient nor fun.

    The good news: there are many systems today that are preparing to automate these processes. Annoying processes can be transferred to the robot and employees have more time for tasks that cannot be standardized or can only be standardized to a limited extent.


    Robotic Process Automation solutions (or RPA for short) are specialists in the automation of these standardized processes. But: RPA projects are often cost and time intensive and usually only for dedicated tasks within a specific system. Moreover, if only a few employees benefit from automation, they are not even carried out because the projects do not pay for themselves.

  • Identify automation needs

    In the course of route creation, the steps required with route usage can be identified and evaluated with regard to the associated effort and automation. The analytics show which routes are used particularly frequently. In this way, you can easily determine the automation benefits and set the right priorities.

    Introducing automation – and keeping an eye on it

    The automation can be easily realized: if the automation is activated for a step, the “robot” takes over this step. In addition, predefined values can be stored for each step, which are then also automatically inserted in the right place. The analytics show here which automatisms are particularly effective. In this way, the automation can be continuously optimized.

    • Increase employee efficiency
      Users are relieved of boring, inefficient repetitive steps. Employees become more efficient – and have more fun at work.
    • Make RPA available for everyone
      Because automation is so easy, every employee can benefit from RPA. In many places, cost- and time-intensive RPA projects can be avoided.
    • Make it available in all applications
      With AppNavi you can make RPA available in all applications that use AppNavi. “Free” RPA from application binding and realize the automation potential in all applications.
    • Adapt it very easily
      RPAs often have to be adapted to changed processes and interfaces at great expense. With AppNavi, this is just as fast and cost-optimized as the activation of the RPA functionality. In many situations it even adapts automatically.
    • Integrate the most cost-optimized RPA approach
      RPA solutions are specialists in their field. However, many automation requirements do not require the complex possibilities of these solutions. With AppNavi many use cases can be automated quickly and cost-effectively.
    Processes that can be automated
    Increase of user efficiency
    Cost savings compared to RPA solutions
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