Success Story: SuccesFactors in DAX 10 company

AppNavi supports 140,000 employees in one of the world’s largest SAP SuccessFactors environments

Success Story: SuccesFactors in DAX 10 company

AppNavi supports 140,000 employees in one of the world’s largest SAP SuccessFactors environments

Successful HR transformation

The internationally active DAX 10 company has introduced SAP’s SuccessFactors to map personnel processes for all employees. After completion of the global HR transformation program, 140,000 employees in numerous countries and languages will access SuccessFactors.

This has been achieved so far …


Increased acceptance

Due to the sustainable simplified use, the acceptance could be increased significantly. In addition, workarounds such as e-mails were significantly reduced.


Cost saving

The costs could be reduced by more than 90% compared to classical training methods. In addition, the updating effort is significantly lower.


Reduced user queries

Already in the first weeks of the introduction of AppNavi a significant reduction of how-to questions to the HelpDesk could be determined.

Project details:

DAX 10 company
SAP SuccessFactors
Used components:
Routes, Hotspots, News, Announcements, Learning Center, RPA
Project duration:
3 months

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These and other specialists from the areas of Workplace, Digital Adoption, RPA & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

These and other specialists from the areas of Workplace, Digital Adoption, RPA & Change Management rely on AppNavi.

  • The DAX 10 company digitalizes its HR processes by introducing SAP Success Factors. In addition to the HR departments, all of the more than 140,000 employees have access to the system in order to initiate or edit personnel-related processes (training planning, etc.). In addition to the functional diversity and complexity of the solution, there are other complexity drivers: different languages, time zones and cultures make this program particularly challenging. The following challenges were given special focus:

    • Acceptance
      SAP SuccessFactors was identified and rolled out as the central HR environment for numerous global subsidiaries and divisions. To achieve the planned SW ROI, the acceptance of the environment is of central importance.
    • Reduced number of tickets in the HelpDesk
      The power – but also the complexity – of SAP SuccessFactors is immense. Initial rollouts revealed considerable support requirements and led to a significant increase in the number of tickets in the HelpDesk.
    • Efficient usage
      Many processes within SuccessFactors are time-consuming. Considering the large number of employees who use SuccessFactors, this adds up to considerable effort. The processes must therefore be designed as efficiently as possible, supported in the best possible way and automated where possible.
    • ROI of SW investment
      The planned SW ROI will only be achieved through high acceptance of SAP SuccessFactors, efficient use and the greatest possible automation of recurring processes and steps.
  • Routes for efficient use

    After determining the prioritized UseCases, the necessary routes were created. The routes were segmented for different target groups. In addition to route routes, new or particularly relevant functions were explained using hotspots.

    Always up-to-date with news & announcements

    News and announcements were used to inform employees about news directly in SAP SuccessFactors. These provide information about both functional and process changes.

    Learning in the Learning Center

    In addition to using the routes in the production system, the routes were also bundled in learning collections. This enables all employees to access the learning paths and learn SAP SuccessFactors 24/7. Since these learning paths are targeted at the training system, no production data is changed unintentionally.

    Automated with RPA

    With the AppNavi RPA functionality, recurring processes could be automated. This includes the automated execution of “empty steps” and the fully automated filling of forms.

    • High acceptance
      Simplified use through sustained support at the moment of need has significantly increased user acceptance of SuccessFactors.
    • Increased efficiency
      Routes eliminate the need to search for the required function and guide users through the process in the most efficient way.
    • Reduction of how-to questions
      Users do not need to request help from the HelpDesk. This eliminates telephone calls – and waiting times to get answers.
    • Significant reduction of training costs
      Documents do not have to be created and maintained, trainings do not have to be planned and carried out. And: no loss of work due to training participation.
    • Higher user satisfaction
      Users are significantly more satisfied if they can carry out their activities without further support.
    • Software ROI achieved
      The ROI of software is achieved when the software is rolled out as planned – and users can work with it optimally.
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