Support your users on demand

Would you like to support users continuously and sustainably – and on demand? Are you also convinced that classic training only generates stock knowledge that is no longer available when it is needed? And are you tired of repeatedly adapting training materials or user manuals when software changes?

With AppNavi you have the possibility to support your users exactly when they need help.


AppNavi is the easiest to use digital adoption platform. Creating content such as routes or hotspots is very easy and does not require extensive training. In this respect, authorized authors, who know the processes in an application particularly well, can create this content without training. This accelerates the delivery, relieves your IT and enables you to support the users quickly.


It is also important that help gets to where it is really needed. With the segmentation options you can define the recipients of the content. For example, experienced employees will receive a different set of routes or news like new employees. You can also deliver content on a scheduled basis. For example, a route or news item is only displayed on the day a software is rolled out.

Your benefits

  • Increase the efficiency of your users
    Editing of complex or rare tasks without the help of colleagues or the helpdesk
  • Fastest ways
    Guiding users along the most efficient and fastest paths in the application
  • Only as much as necessary
    Reduction of the contents at the user to the relevant
  • Relief of the helpdesk 
    Fewer how-to calls in the helpdesk and less waiting time for the user
  • Relief of the IT department
    Departments that know your application particularly well create the content – IT is relieved
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