Accelerate processes

You would like to optimize the processes for your users, e.g. by avoiding “empty steps”? Or would you like to let your users initiate important processes, no matter where they are?

AppNavi allows you to avoid unnecessary steps and start a route from any application in another system.


Doesn’t it annoy you that you have to make a lot of clicks in applications just to get to the point where you have to make a selection or input? With “Jumps” your users will reach their destination faster. AppNavi executes all steps in the background without any user interaction.

Surely you are familiar with this situation: You are in an application and now have to perform another, possibly supporting activity in parallel. Then you have to switch applications, log in, call up a transaction, select an option, etc. AppNavi offers your users the possibility to call up desired transactions directly.

Your benefits

  • Increasing user efficiency
    Reduction of unnecessary steps accelerates users in their tasks
  • Cross-application use
    Quick change to other applications by initiating processes from another application
  • Quick Access to important use cases
    Accelerated access by Fabs to particularly important and frequently recurring tasks
Accelerate users
Automate steps
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