HCM systems

When employees are more than just resources
Human Capital Management includes systems for the entire employee cycle: from recruitment, onboarding, all ongoing personnel-related tasks, to leaving the company.

It is true that the systems often provide good services to human resources departments. But many software solutions require all employees to operate the systems.

Often this begins in the recruiting process: applicants fill out applications. These are then forwarded internally and assessed before being hired. Once the employee is on board, the personal data must be updated, travel requests must be applied for and accounted for, training plans must be created and much more.

HCM systems must therefore be able to be operated efficiently by different groups: Applicants, employees and managers and, of course, the employees of the HR department itself. Immediate and permanent support for users in these systems is indispensable.

Extract from the HCM systems supported with AppNavi:

Oracle HCM CloudP&I LOGASAP SuccessFactorsWorkday&Your individual software

HCM systems have a special significance for us because all employees of a company come into contact with them. With AppNavi we make sure that every employee can move safely within the systems.

Kathrin Schlierer-Neumann
AppNavi GmbH

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