CRM systems

How many CRM systems have you already replaced?
With CRM systems, it’s a thing like this: there are a lot of them, they’re similar in core functionality, they’re on-premise, and they’re increasingly offered as SaaS solutions. But why are established solutions being replaced over and over again?

CRMs are often the “unloved” systems in the company, at least from the perspective of those who need to fill them. There are several reasons for this: Often, sales employees only recognize a small benefit for themselves. The management’s desire for as much data as possible for corporate management is therefore often opposed by the resistance of the users.

Regardless of this, many CRMs have developed into powerful and complex systems. They map the entire customer life cycle. To increase acceptance, the systems must be as easy to use as possible. And it must be fast.

AppNavi provides the right routes and, among other things, “Jumps” to speed up actions to the maximum.

Extract from the CRM systems supported with AppNavi:

AureaPipedriveSalesforce&Your individual software

AppNavi is the ideal online coach for CRM processes!

Martin Ehret
Managing Director
ajco solutions GmbH

With our low code platform “Ultimus CPS” we digitize our customers quickly and efficiently – with AppNavi we digitize the user support.

Karl Freiheit
Managing Director
Ultimus GmbH

BPM systems

The must-have for digitisation
After all, there are already so many systems for the most diverse areas of application – why now even BPM? Quite simply: because the adaptation of standard systems is sometimes too expensive or time-consuming, because systems have to be connected – or because there is simply no suitable solution on the market.

In the BPM area, there are solutions that already address concrete requirements: Ticketing tools, request management solutions and others. In addition, there are low code platforms that enable rapid implementation of individual processes on the basis of standardized building blocks.

Both approaches lead to more digitization – in other words, more software in the company. And here the same applies as for any software: the planned ROI of a software will only be realized if the users are supported in the best possible way in using the software.

Extract from the BPM systems supported with AppNavi:

iGrafxK2PegaServiceNowUltimus CPS&Your individual software

ERP systems

The backbone of your company
Nowadays, no company can be imagined without ERP systems. They reflect a high degree of entrepreneurial complexity – but are therefore usually also very extensive and complicated to operate.

In addition to the complexity of the systems, there are further challenges: new employees or even employees who change their functions must be familiarized with the systems quickly and sustainably. In addition, ERP systems are usually subject to comprehensive updates or upgrades. With AppNavi you have a system that supports employees in onboarding as well as in their daily work.

Extract from the ERP systems supported with AppNavi:

InforMicrosoft DynamicsNetSuiteOdooOracle Cloud ERPSage X3SAP Business by Design&Your individual software

I will gladly show you how to integrate and use AppNavi in leading ERP systems.

Alina Tirla
Client Management Office Coordinator / Client Partner

SCM systems

There is a saying that says: “In purchasing, the money is earned”. This is certainly not true for every company to the same extent. However, it is undisputed that e-procurement and supply chain management are core commercial disciplines and make a considerable contribution to corporate value creation.

Many companies today would be inconceivable without system-based automation for the procurement of goods and their logistical control. Less and less warehousing – more and more on-demand availability with simultaneous high cost pressure. These systems are often operated by very different user groups. They must therefore be understood and easy to operate. AppNavi provides the necessary support here.

Extract from the E-Procurement & SCM systems supported by AppNavi:

SAP Ariba&Your individual software

GRC systems

Controlling organizations – managing risks – ensuring compliance
More and more guidelines and laws have to be observed – and the risks associated with non-compliance with these regulations are becoming ever greater. In addition, there are often highly decentralized organizations and decision-making powers that require even more comprehensive management of these risks.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more systems are emerging in this area. These are increasingly aimed at linking Enterprise Risk Management with the internal control system and compliance requirements. Often, however, the tasks are distributed across different systems.

In order to meet the GRC objectives, employees must act across systems and establish the necessary connections. No easy task. AppNavi routes help users find their way around both integrated systems and distributed systems.

Extract from the E-Procurement & SCM systems supported with AppNavi:

IBM Open PagesStandardFusionServiceNow Governance Risk and Compliance&Your individual software

Systems for governance, risk and compliance management are only used very irregularly by many users, e.g. for annual approvals. This is where we come in with the AppNavi solution and thus ensure the necessary “user adoption”.

Fabian Neukamm
Principal Consultant
metafinanz Informationssysteme GmbH

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