The spring release brings fresh updates.

The spring release brings fresh updates.

The spring release brings fresh updates. 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

April is known for changeable weather. From rain to wind to the first spring-like rays of sunshine, it’s all here. At AppNavi, however, spring is in much more stringent waters, namely the continuous development of the software. That’s why our new major release has been live since April 28, 2022, bringing with it a number of improvements and new features – something we’re very proud of.


Predict user behavior based on mass data and thus have routes suggested automatically.

In the latest release, we introduce a new add-on module to our Digital Adoption solution: User Behavior Mining. With this module, software usage can be analyzed even before a route is created. This allows deep insights into the way users act in the tools. Our AI-powered algorithm detects behavior patterns and then visualizes them for fast and perfectly tuned learning content or route creation. A dream come true for any route designer.
With User Behavior Mining, the following questions can finally be answered satisfactorily:

> How many users use the software?
> How long is the software used by a user?
> How regularly and at what times is the software used?
> Which functions of a software are used?
> At which points in the software do problems occur?

Well-founded answers to these questions offer gigantic potential to examine the software system landscape in the company, to support decision-makers and to immediately improve the software empowerment of employees.
With this add-on module, the AppNavi digital adoption platform continues to grow, forming a comprehensive User Efficiency Suite from application and usage analysis to optimized content creation and its roll-out.

We will dive deeper in the User Behavior Mining add-on module in the near future and take a closer look at the feature. If you don’t want to wait for that, you can of course contact us at any time and let us show you the module and its possibilities.


Roll out new routes, collections and announcements easily and quickly to the right users.

In the newly implemented update, we are thinking big. Not only have we introduced Mass Publishing, which allows a variety of content such as route announcements and collections to be published in parallel. But also how this intelligently reaches the right users. Thanks to Targeting Audience, rules can be created in no time to determine who gets what and how. Whether for announcements or routes. Simply select the content, then the appropriate groups and voilà.

Interested or have questions? Please feel free to contact us.


In addition, we have integrated the following new features:

| Client API
The revised AppNavi Client API enables even better interaction between the host system and AppNavi. For example, it is possible to start a route or display a news article as an announcement via the API. Event hooks allow to react to actions controlled by AppNavi, e.g. a route start.

| Move Content
This feature allows content (routes, messages, learning collections, etc.) to be moved between different subscriptions if there is more than one subscription.

| Version Conflict Management
Intelligent version management checks changes and informs the user when content is changed in parallel by multiple users. This mechanism prevents changes made by another user from being unknowingly overwritten.


Away from the new features, we have given AppNavi a number of improvements and more convenience features. Here is an excerpt of the changes:

| Copy content
If there are multiple subscriptions in a tenant and the logged-in user has appropriate rights, the user can copy a content to another target subscription.

| Track recording
When recording steps, AppNavi now attempts to determine a contextual title. For example, when recording a click action, a title such as “Click Button” was previously always assigned. With the new feature, the title is much more meaningful and is, for example, “Save item”.

| News editor
The new news editor in the portal makes it possible to design news as they will be displayed later. This greatly simplifies the creation of news.

| User management
User management in the portal has been significantly simplified. This includes the function to reset a user’s password at any time.

| Avatar visibility configuration
It is now possible to set per application whether the avatar should be displayed in an application or not. If the avatar is hidden, the AppNavi functions, such as the execution of custom code, are still available. Thanks to a key system, users who have configured the correct key in the browser can display the avatar and use all AppNavi features.

| Debug function for automation mode
In AppNavi Planner, it is now possible to test routes while creating them in “automation mode”. This feature greatly simplifies route testing.

| Improvement of Progress Tracking
We have significantly improved the content progress tracking mechanism. The display of displayed or not displayed content, such as news or routes, now works much more reliably.

| New tabs categorization in the avatar
We have reworked the display of tabs in the avatar. This makes it easier to find content like routes or news in the avatar.


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