Great software.
But how to sell it?

You have worked nights, ordered countless pizzas, won and lost in table tennis, and now the time has come: Your software is ready for the market and “only” needs to be sold. AppNavi helps you with this – at a sportive fixed price!

Now it is time to become known and of course to prevail over competitors. I am sure you have already thought a lot about this.


You have already succeeded in getting interested parties to your website. But now you often face different challenges:

  • Too many aborts
    How can cancellations be avoided and conversion rates increased? After all, sales should grow as quickly as possible.
  • Implementation too costly
    How can the implementation and qualification of users be optimized? This is the only way to create capacities for the next customers.
  • User frustrated
    Even if you have designed your software to be as intuitive as possible, it is new to the end user. How can users be supported in using it so that they accept the software and move around in it efficiently?

Software sales, user support

Increase conversion rate
Reduce implementation times
Increase user satisfaction
Increase user efficiency
Increase customer loyalty

Kathrin Schlierer-Neumann
AppNavi GmbH

The solution?

Prospects & users

AppNavi introduces users to new software while they work in it. At any given moment, it provides exactly the information needed to easily perform the next step.

The solution?

Prospects & users

AppNavi introduces users to new software while they work in it. At any given moment, it provides exactly the information needed to easily perform the next step.

Week 1:

Guide customers skilfully

What information is important for prospective customers who are on your website for the first time? With AppNavi Routes, guide your prospects safely to the places that are most important for their purchase decision. In addition, give them exactly the information that positively influences their decision process via the Announcement or News function. You can use segmentation to ensure that only the relevant content is displayed for this user.


  • AppNavi is integrated into your software / platform
  • Important knowledge content is defined and provided in routes, news & announcements
  • Segmentation of your prospects is done
  • Go Live in your system

Week 2

Making trials
an experience

Often interested parties are on their own during the trial phase. They experiment, find things – or not. Leading the prospective customer safely through the application along the most important use cases is one of the keys to trial success.


  • Use cases are defined from the start of the trial to the usage
  • Routes, news and announcements are created
  • Content is segmented user-specifically and bundled in collections
  • Let’s go …

Week 3

Train & support

Once the deal is closed, the customer must be able to work with it as quickly as possible. Of course it is important that your implementation managers and the helpdesk are involved as little as possible.


  • Use cases for authors and users are intended
  • LearningCenter and collections are created – the contents are assigned
  • Announcements inform the users

Week 4

Bind customers

Now your solution must become a must-have that is no longer questioned. This includes the continuous development of the content. In addition, steps in the software are automated. This makes you permanently “irreplaceable”.


  • Content offering further developed in line with experience
  • Areas for automation identified
  • “Jumps” are set up and beam the user through your application


  • Increase conversion rate
    Guide your prospects safely through your website and to the “crucial” information.
  • Shorten implementation times
    The better the customer understands your software, the shorter the implementation time and the fewer questions to the helpdesk.
  • Increase satisfaction
    For you your software is “your baby”. For the user it is another tool. Help him to work with it as independently as possible.
  • Increase user efficiency
    Show the user the right ways to navigate through your software in the best possible way.
  • Increase customer loyalty
    Anchor yourself with the customer through automatisms that the employees do not want to give back.
Reduction of trial aborts
Reduction of how-to-questions
Increase of user efficiency
Increase of user acceptance
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