AppNavi supports 140.000 employees in SAP SuccessFactors

AppNavi supports 140.000 employees in SAP SuccessFactors

AppNavi supports 140.000 employees in SAP SuccessFactors 694 462 Carsten Neumann

Successfully executing HR transformation

The Dax 10 company has implemented SAP SuccessFactors to map personnel processes for all employees. After completion of the global HR transformation program, 140,000 employees in numerous countries and languages will access SuccessFactors.

User support is mandatory

It quickly became clear within the program that the success of the introduction and thus the software ROI would depend to a large extent on the acceptance and efficient use of the system.

The program team evaluated various solution options to ensure the best possible global rollout and subsequent use in numerous time zones and languages for the 140,000 colleagues.

Traditional measures do not fulfill the goal

Traditional measures such as training, videos or manuals were very quickly discarded: too expensive, too inefficient, aging too quickly and not scalable.

More innovative solutions such as learning card systems, wikis, etc. were evaluated – but even these were not convincing: too time-consuming to create, no help provided directly in SuccessFactors.

So the decision was made to implement support through a digital adoption platform. This should include the required functionality, be as easy to use as possible and require no developer skills to avoid bottlenecks right from the start. In addition, a dynamic pricing model should reflect the growing number of users within the sequential rollout in an economically sensible way.

An intensive time – with a happy end for AppNavi

It was an intensive time: in almost 10 months, the solutions were put through their paces: from functional, to technological, to usability audits. It was important for the company to implement a high-performance solution that could also be used in a large corporate environment. After completion of the evaluation phase, AppNavi was chosen. The CEO of AppNavi GmbH Carsten Neumann says: “It was an intensive phase. Demanding customers can be very challenging – but they always make their own product better. For example, requirements were included to orient the application to the WCAG standard and to make it as barrier-free as possible. AppNavi not only facilitates the use of SuccessFactors for people with visual impairments. Thanks to the possibility of connecting screen readers, blind users can also operate the application using AppNavi.

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