Digital Adoption
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How Digital Adoption simplifies every day work.

Digital Adoption
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Digital Adoption
Simple Intuitive Sustainable
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How Digital Adoption simplifies every day work

It’s a memory that shouldn’t be too foreign to the vast majority of people: You start a new job. You have to find your way around in a new environment. New colleagues, new equipment and above all – new software solutions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a CMS, ERP system or graphics program; it’s usually a utopian fantasy that the exact same programs will be used at the new job as at the old one. So who doesn’t know it? The constant questioning of colleagues, superiors or – probably the one who offers such a program – godparents. Yet employees don’t even have to be new to a company. Just familiarized with the CRM software, the next update is already available. In other words: employees have to familiarize themselves r with the applications all over again. And, given their newfound mobility, they often do so in their home offices. According to the Harvard Business Review, employees spend 22 minutes a day looking for how to complete tasks in new applications. With 220 workdays, that’s a good 80 hours a year. Or two full work weeks. So it sounds almost cynical that just recently one of Germany’s top economists publicly called for extending daily working hours by half an hour. The beauty is that there is a solution to being productive right from the start and at all times. It’s called digital adoption.

This is how learning by doing should be

Digital Adoption describes the process by which a person acquires the ability to fully master new technologies in order to perform digital operations. Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) or Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) are therefore software solutions that enable immediate, intuitive learning within applications. Using overlays, these programs provide optimal guidance for use thanks to contextual information. A prime example of the learning-by-doing principle. The goal of Digital Adoption Platforms and Digital Adoption Solutions: to simplify the introduction of new technologies and digital transformation strategies. At the same time, continuous learning and the associated elimination of complicated onboarding strategies significantly reduce costs. In view of global investments in digital transformation of 2.8 trillion U.S. dollars forecast for 2025, this is not the worst idea (see Statista). Some media even call Digital Adoption Platforms “the last mile of digitization“.

Putting people in the spotlight

The way companies function today has changed significantly – not least because of the Corona pandemic. Business processes need to be accelerated to meet increasing demands. And the way we work has also arrived in a new reality. Concepts such as New Work have long since taken hold in this country. The principle goes back to the American social philosopher Frithjof Bergmann and describes the transformation of the world of work, which in a sense reverses capitalist models. Instead of defining work as a means to an end, people are coming to the fore. And their needs. One of them: learning. Or better: self-realization. At this point, you are welcome to ask Maslow and his many successors. Digital adoption is certainly one of the ways to support this approach.

Helping people to help themselves

Either way, business performance depends directly on the ability of employees to not only cope with enterprise software, but to use it effectively. New technologies are a dime a dozen these days. As a result, users are now required to learn new skills much more frequently. Traditional software training is certainly not the solution here. Quite apart from the fact that hardly anything from the exercises sticks in the long term, employees are often kept away from the actual workplace for hours or even days at a time. By the way, the target group of Digital Adoption Platforms or Digital Adoption Solutions are not the professional users of a software, but rather occasional users who are in danger of suffocating under the program tsunami.

The HÜBNER GROUP has tried it out

Digital Adoption Platforms like AppNavi’s help improve the productivity and thus the ROI of individual employees. And help them use any software correctly. Without training, without queries. Like a navigation system, the tool guides users through the desired software, tailored to their individual needs. The HÜBNER Group recently introduced SuccessFactors from SAP with the help of AppNavi. In order to map HR processes for all employees in it. After completing the global HR transformation program, employees easily access SAP SuccessFactors. Read the full success story here.

AppNavi can be set up in five minutes and is child’s play to use. Not to mention the fast loading times. Don’t believe it? Try it out!


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