Become a hero at work

How digital adoption supports knowledge transfer in your company in a more sustainable way.

Become a hero at work

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How digital adoption supports knowledge transfer in your company in a more sustainable way

How often does it happen in everyday work that there are work steps that you just can’t remember right off the bat or you’re not sure about? It actually happens every day and takes an average of 22 minutes (according to Harvard Business Review) per day. Thus, it ties up immense and, above all, hidden costs every day. Currently, companies are still haunted by outdated solutions and unnecessary workarounds that do not address the core of the problem.

Currently, problems are not solved, but only distributed to other shoulders

Traditional help is outdated. Because previous alternatives from the field are instruction documents, maybe even videos, own notes and if all that doesn’t help, the polite request for support from colleagues.

Intranet systems and phone lists identify experts in specific areas when tutoring is needed. This is a workaround to relieve the burden on IT. However, this does not solve the problem, but only distributes it to other shoulders.

Initially, it may be pleasant to provide help and advice to those seeking help, but if it comes at the expense of one’s own working time and becomes increasingly repetitive, the initial heroic act quickly becomes a nightmare and the efficiency gained is paid for dearly elsewhere.

Sustainable knowledge transfer sought instead of pressure refueling

The examples just mentioned may be isolated cases of systems that have already been rolled out, but what happens when there is no knowledge to pass on? Namely, when new software is to be introduced for the entire company – and investments in precisely these new applications, driven by digitalization or digital transformation, have been increasing immensely in companies for years.

It takes dedicated employees, intensive training sessions or time-consuming training courses to ensure that all colleagues are on the same level of applications. Work lies idle for hours and sometimes even days, just so that employees can accumulate stock knowledge, which is demonstrably passé again after just a few weeks. These cost-intensive solutions are therefore at best of a short-term nature, and thus neither efficient, let alone sustainable.

The navigation system for software is always there when you need it

It is therefore advisable to rely on systems that guard this knowledge and make it available when it is needed: OnDemand and always on. What is common practice in living rooms at home has not yet established itself in the working world, although solutions such as AppNavi are already mature in the corporate environment and offer a wide range of possible applications to immediately increase user efficiency and reduce costs. The following doctrines apply: simplicity, user-friendliness and speed. No one wants a tool that is supposed to teach, but that has to be learned first. The same applies to IT. AppNavi can be made available to a global concert within minutes, just like a DAX 40 company. (To the Success Story).

Showing works better than explaining

What would a working world be like in which application experts can continue to demonstrate their expertise, but without being kept from doing the work themselves? You can! These aforementioned heroes of the workplace would become authors for relevant applications and prepare their knowledge once for colleagues, but not by formulating elaborate instructions with screenshots and long explanations that need to be constantly updated. They would create interactive routes in AppNavi for the target application and publish them for the target group (onboardees, specific departments or roles in the company) and automatically in over 27 languages.

Our video shows how quickly and, above all, easily an appropriate route can be created, using a real-world example: how to customize the navigation bar in Salesforce.

As you can see, it doesn’t take long to pass on your knowledge to others in a sustainable way. But this is only one aspect of many that AppNavi offers.

You want to become a hero at your workplace too? Then just give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can get you there with our digital adoption solution or how you can test the platform yourself for 30 days.

Alternatively, send us an email with your application and we’ll show you how AppNavi will help your colleagues in just that software.


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