AppNavi with a new look

The new AppNavi design combines contemporary look with new features.

AppNavi with a new look

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Already on 20.04.2023 the AppNavi platform was released in version 3.0 and made available to our customers. In the process, the interface and its possible uses were redesigned from the ground up, creating space for new functions but also for better usability. It is time to take a closer look at these adjustments.

New terminology and design

| Avatar becomes GUIDE

Previously, a circle at the bottom left of the screen indicated that AppNavi was available for the corresponding application, and a click allowed the (previous) widget to open to start routes, etc.

With the new release, we introduced the GUIDE! This “tab” can not only be placed at different positions (depending on the application), but especially due to the narrow design important elements are not covered – in short: the guide does not disturb when it is not currently in use.

The new name GUIDE is also intended to suggest that help can be offered here in the form of a guide through software (and much more).

| Widget becomes GUIDE MENU

Until now the menu that opened when clicking on the (previous) avatar was called widget. To fit into the new naming and to make clear that it is activated together with the GUIDE, it was named GUIDE MENU.

The GUIDE MENU impresses with a now much more compact appearance. The size of navigation points has been reduced, the content has been reduced to the essentials without deleting important information.

The new design structure even allows more information to be conveyed than before, without further inflating the menu and obscuring important elements.

This further emphasizes the ideology of the digital helper in everyday work.

New functions

| Clarity & user-friendliness

The design of the AppNavi Guide and the AppNavi Guide menu have been completely redesigned to provide better clarity and user-friendliness. The focus is now on the Digital Adoption content and its launch by the user. More advanced functions are arranged in a clearer but more discreet way.

| Improved WCAG standards

People with disabilities now have more options to interact with the Digital Adoption content. In addition to keyboard input, voice input can now be used, as well as the use of high contrast modes is possible.

| Guide positioning options

Guide positioning is now available as a settings option in the application settings in the portal. This eliminates the need for user-defined code for manual positioning. It is possible to choose between numerous preset options.

| Full text search

When searching within the Guide menu, the content itself is now included in the search. If a route or article contains certain information that is searched for by a user, the corresponding content is now suggested as a result. The searches performed by a user are displayed anonymously in the portal in order to identify the weak points of user support.

Would you like to take a look at the new AppNavi design yourself and see the new features for yourself? Then feel free to contact us or simply test AppNavi free of charge for 30 days.


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