Working on tomorrow today

The AppNavi winter release is here.

Working on tomorrow today

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The leaves have been falling from the trees in a variety of colors for weeks and Christmas cookies have also been on the supermarket shelves for some time. That means – the winter prevails even if the winter solstice is only scarcely one month away.
While many use the first cold months to prepare their own four walls more comfortably for the snow, we at AppNavi have focused on comfort functions in the system and a completely new technical framework.
We released the new update on 24.11.2022 in the AppNavi platform and today we present you the most exciting innovations.

New technical framework is future-proof

| Google Manifest V3
Digital Adoption solutions, like AppNavi, can be easily integrated into the most common browsers via extension. Google has a new manifest in the starting blocks: Manifest V3.
Since the beginning of 2022, no new browser extensions based on the outdated Manifest have been included in the stores, because the goal of the search engine giant is to focus on security, privacy and performance. To guarantee these across the board, only extensions based on the new technical framework will be allowed and available from 2023. AppNavi has fully prepared its solution for this change and is ready for 2023.

| Security Updates
In the course of revising the technical framework, we have followed Google’s vision and integrated far-reaching security updates to ensure that no loopholes can be opened for unwelcome third parties while continuing to work globally and decentrally.

| Rendering technology introduced
Another gain of the core revision is the rendering technology, that is, how raw data like programming code ends up being visually represented and also executed. This is to ensure that the code does what it is supposed to do and gains significant speed in the process.

| Linked product functions
User behavior mining also benefits from the revised programming code and has continued to be improved. Also, the add-on module has been linked to the new AI Search and uses the improved element recognition for even more accurate results.

Portal revisions in design & usage

| Consistent Usability & User Experience
Anyone who has logged into the portal since the new update will have quickly noticed. Colors, shapes and structure of the portal have changed significantly. A stringent user guidance and a revised design should make it easier for you to work in the portal.

| Contract management & trial request function
The new update now allows you to create your own contracts directly in the portal and start immediately. This saves time and nerves. Partners can also create so-called trial requests for test phases. Conveniently directly in the system.

Further comfort functions

| Renaming & Visualizations
In the summer, we have, among other things, also structured the functionalities of AppNavi on the website more clearly and renamed them. These changes have already been built into the system in the past. Now we also offer you free visuals when creating collections, tooltips and posts, in case you don’t have any at hand.

| Release News
To keep you informed about updates, we have added a new tab “Release News” to the AppNavi portal. There you will find all new AppNavi changes and maybe even more in the future!

| Trash can
Who doesn’t know it. One wrong click and the work of hours is irretrievably lost. With the new trash can function this can no longer happen. All deleted items will be kept for 30 days from now on.
Small but nice new tool that will make your daily work with AppNavi easier.

| More active avatar functions
With the new update, you can now create pins & posts directly from the avatar and link and publish them directly. This makes intermediate steps into the portal obsolete.

Other new features

Alternative rule set

Additional rule configurations are now available in the route planner. In addition to the existing function for activating/deactivating the back button, it is now also possible to configure to which step the back button should lead the user. An alternative step can now be configured in the search function. If the item is not found after the configured search time, AppNavi will search for the configured alternative item.

AppNavi Integration Security

We are constantly working to further optimize the security of our product. We have reworked the AppNavi direct integration component (an-loader) so that it now does not use dynamic code execution (JavaScript eval function). This removes more hurdles for AppNavi direct integration and ensures maximum security for our components.

AppNavi standard content

For new tenants, we now provide standard design content in the AppNavi library, making it even easier to get started with AppNavi. In addition, we now provide the ability to upload a new image or use an already uploaded image from the media library.

Rejected functions (removed functionality).

This section lists all features that have been removed from the AppNavi product.

XPath search has been removed

The ability to configure XPath has been removed for both routes and pins. However, content that uses XPath will still work. Compatibility will be removed with the 01/2023 release. Routes that use XPath should be converted to AI Search prior to this release to ensure functionality.

Analytics configuration for the application

It is now no longer possible to disable analytics at the application level, as without analytics configured, much of the AppNavi functionality will no longer work.

Want to see for yourself what’s new in the AppNavi Digital Adoption platform? Then test it for 30 days completely free of charge or contact us, we are happy to show you our new features live.


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