Ticket to Support

In order to process your request as quickly and ideally as possible, we ask you to write accurate, pre-qualified descriptions of the problem and send us an email at the address linked below.

The information needed to process your request are:

  • In which tenant (Tenant Id) does the problem occur?
  • In which AppNavi app (App Id) does the problem occur?
  • Have changes been made to the underlying application (e.g. new version, new functions, etc.)?
  • Which browser was used?
  • How was AppNavi integrated (direct integration / extension)?
  • In which system (e.g. Jira, Successfactors, etc.) does the problem occur?
  • Was custom code used?
  • Has it been checked whether the problem can be traced back to the use of custom code?
  • Since when does the problem occur, or when did the problem occur for the first time?
  • Does the problem also occur in other systems?
  • Documentation of the problem in the form of screenshots / videos
  • If problems are apparent in the browser console, these must also be documented in the ticket.
  • Detailed description in which configuration the problem occurred (e.g. with which user, in which role, etc.)

You will also find this information in the prefabricated ticket email that opens automatically when you click on the link:

Support Ticket

Your AppNavi Support Team


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