The digital future must be simple and just work

The digital future must be simple and just work

The digital future must be simple and just work 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

Digital Adoption platforms need to offer a wide range of functionality, while not exceeding the complexity of the application to be supported.

The modern working world is in upheaval, not least due to the global pandemic and other crises. The constant demands on companies and departments in the digital and socio-demographically changing age are also taking their metrics-driven toll. Thus, mergers are to be successfully threaded, eco-systems created and optimized along with efficiency, and costs and errors reduced. The quintessence of all this is described by terms such as globalization, digitalization, digital transformation and new work.

The difficulty is to unite all these topics under one roof, to combine requirements with challenges and, in the end, to lead them to success with the end user. Not an easy or inexpensive task that many a department has to face. According to the Wallstreet Journal, companies surveyed from the GAS region say they spend 56 million euros due to the lack of acceptance of the measures.

Digital Adoption is more than a simple help tool

High costs and complex problems. Change management is out of touch and needs a breath of fresh air. In the young years since Digital Adoption entered the market, companies that have adopted digital helpers have already achieved significant savings and improvements. This means that Digital Adoption has already been able to prove itself in the disciplines of digitization through quick, but also long-term successes. At AppNavi, we are also constantly looking at the benefits of digital adoption.

We distinguish between two different types of benefits. First, those that are immediately and directly recognizable, i.e. “on the surface”, and positive effects that only become visible at a second glance, but are much more sustainable.

| AppNavi Benefits: on the surface

  • Simplifies onboarding and further development
  • Reduces costs and errors
  • Increases efficiency
  • Integrates customers and partners
  • Builds a knowledge base
  • and much more

| AppNavi Benefits: beneath the surface

  • Creates sustainable core competencies
  • Increases acceptance of change management
  • Creates process transparency
  • Dynamized capacities
  • Increases health & safety
  • and much more

So it’s no wonder that large companies in particular equip Competence Centers and Communities of Practice with AppNavi and make it available centrally for global structures. Our partner network helps and creates synergies between important touch points and maximizes the impact of Digital Adoption for companies.

If you want to integrate Digital Adoption with a partner, feel free to contact us. And if you want to join the AppNavi Partner Community to establish Digital Adoption with your customers, you will find everything you need to know here.

The start of something big – a holistic platform

But there’s more to the AppNavi digital adoption solution than meets the eye. From the outside, the digital adoption platforms look very similar. But another look beneath the surface reveals the true and often critical differences.

AppNavi offers a technically advanced solution beyond the boundaries of digital adoption, combined with a revolutionary concept of simplicity.

The AppNavi technology is based on a strong AI-driven algorithm with machine learning capabilities. Around this, the technical security building blocks such as data protection, corporate or enterprise readiness, freedom from maintenance, etc. were developed first. Only after that, it’s about the features, which we have divided into three core elements (Guidance, Automation, Analytics) and extended with the additional module User Behavior Mining and will go even further (e.g. User Prediction).


A comprehensive toolkit for full and immediate exploitation of any browser-based application and error handling simplified by machine learning.


The first and easiest step to process automation at the click of a mouse, even across applications.


The most important facts at a glance, prepared for laymen so that anyone can derive insights from them. A special data protection system filters out critical data and stores it in Europe.

Additional Module: User Behavior Mining

The analysis of software usage enables deep insights into the behavior of users in tools and offers a huge potential to investigate the software system landscape in the company.

You can see that, as mentioned, just at the outermost “ring” some vendors are ramping up similar aspects, but the deeper you go, significantly different. But that’s not all. But what’s on top for us, AppNavi, is the fact that our premise in digital adoption is: simplicity and feasibility.

At first, that sounds crude and like a buzzword. But when you realize what that means, namely that it applies to every role and at every level of Digital Adoption implementation, the wheat is quickly separated from the chaff. Our partners and customers in particular always speak to us positively about this, because regardless of whether it’s the integration managers in IT, authors of the routes, and especially the end users, they want support and relief in their day-to-day work. Nobody wants a new tool to improve other tools, which is cumbersome to integrate and even harder to use.  That’s why AppNavi is simple and it’s proven to work in all systems.

You also want to implement Digital Adoption in your company? Then simply get in touch with us.


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