The AppNavi quality on the test bench

Only those who constantly challenge themselves can continue to develop. This is exactly why we decided to have AppNavi audited by DEKRA according to ISO 9001.

The AppNavi quality on the test bench

The AppNavi quality on the test bench 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

Our Digital Adoption solution offers through different options and modules the possibility to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees and thereby the entire organization, to save costs and to minimize risks. Thus massively increasing the quality in a company and in its different areas. But this is not enough. 

Questioning ourselves – a look inside

How our product should be was clear from the beginning: fast, simple, intuitive and sustainable. Qualities that our customers also value and often use as a basis for deciding to introduce Digital Adoption in their company.

But there is much more to consider. That’s why, as a company, we questioned and asked ourselves, “Are we also efficient ourselves?”

This relates away from the product to our processes and other services that affect us on a daily basis. This is exactly why we at AppNavi decided to have our quality tested and certified by DEKRA.

About the DEKRA DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

The DEKRA auditors take a close look at the quality management system by means of an audit procedure and analyze the documents provided from all specialist areas. Afterwards, these descriptions and the quality management system are examined on site and a report is prepared. In this report, an assessment is made which, in a positive case, culminates in a certificate that is valid for a maximum of three years.

Constant assurance of consistently high standards

Another important aspect of why we chose certification is that it should not stop at a quick look at the status quo. We listen to our partners and customers, constantly develop our solutions further, and in doing so, give thought to cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and user-friendliness. It is precisely these characteristics that should also be reflected in our processes and that are examined by this audit.

In addition, after certification, DEKRA carries out so-called surveillance audits once a year to ensure that the requirements and implementations are still valid. This is exactly what we want.

After the audit is before the audit

In recent weeks, we have collected our documented processes, prepared them for certification and recently had them checked by the audit. We can proudly say that the result was overwhelmingly positive. Not only that we have received the certificate, but also the secure feeling that our Corporate Philosophy is already anchored in our structures and processes without any adjustments, gives us the self-confidence to hold on to them, but also to develop further into a positive future. Because we don’t want to stand still and rest on our laurels. We remain hungry and strive for more.

You want to convince yourself of our quality? Then talk to us or send us an e-mail. We look forward to being put to the test by you as well.  


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