Summer Release – Focus on Machine Learning

Relax and enjoy the summer with Machine Learning.

Summer Release – Focus on Machine Learning

Summer Release – Focus on Machine Learning 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

New quarter – new product update. Summer is finally here, bringing us strong sunshine and warm temperatures. Some are already preparing for the summer vacations and planning their holidays. One more reason for us to give our Digital Adoption solution a few new functions with a focus on Machine Learning to let you enjoy the summer in a relaxed way.
We released the new update on the AppNavi platform on July 28th and present it to you in more detail today.

The new AI search makes route creation more precise

The core of Digital Adoption is guidance through applications with the help of explanations of the individual steps. In the process, the tool must recognize corresponding elements such as buttons or input fields. New trends in software development make it difficult to find such objects. Therefore, we have developed the search algorithm of AppNavi from scratch, integrating machine learning.

Thanks to machine learning, it is possible to train the algorithm directly during route creation by mouse click, should it not find or recognize elements or objects at first go. I.e. also here we remain true to our line to make AppNavi easy to use, since neither programming, HTML, nor class or selector knowledge is necessary.

Another positive side effect of the new algorithm is that it has to process less data and is therefore much faster. And it was not slow in the past.

With the new AI search, we at AppNavi are demonstrating foresight and the added value of our close cooperation with software manufacturers. Our Digital Adoption solution thus remains immune to fast-moving software changes and contrary programming trends, and is technologically unique on the market in this form.

In the near future, we will go into more detail about the new AI search and machine learning.

AI based data filtering

In Europe, IT security and data protection is a primary issue for many companies, at the latest due to the legal validity of the GDPR, but also due to increased working from home. At AppNavi, we also attach great importance to this and have therefore integrated a new AI-based approach into the platform, which ensures that all personal or business-critical data is filtered out before it is entered into the system. This means, for example, that in evaluations in user behavior mining, interactions in applications are recorded in the user flow, but currency amounts, telephone numbers, bank details and even employee names are rendered unrecognizable.

More new features

| New role system
The AppNavi role system has been fundamentally revised and made more flexible. It is now possible to create a user as a tenant owner. This user has the highest role and can manage all resources within the tenant. Users can also now have an individual role per workspace. For example, a user can have the role of translator in workspace A and the role of contributor in workspace B.

| Copying route steps
Route steps can now be copied in the route planner. This simplifies content creation immensely and gives the ability to copy complete configurations to experiment with without losing the original configuration.

| Target Audience for Countries
A function for addressing countries has been added to the target audiences. This means that content can now be played out on a country-specific basis. The target country is determined from the respective system configuration.


> Improvements in the design of the media library
Arrangement of elements when publishing via drag & drop
Adjustments to the design of the code editor for better readability
AppNavi Trainings replace Learning Collections and provide more functionality
AppNavi Workspaces replace Subscriptions for greater clarity
Avatar Console logging has been improved to show more helpful information
Avatar compatibility with different systems has been improved by a revision

Would you like to see for yourself what’s new in the AppNavi digital adoption platform? Then test it 30 days completely free of charge or contact us, we are happy to show you our new features live.


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