Increase user efficiency with hotspots

Increase user efficiency with hotspots

Increase user efficiency with hotspots 1153 768 Carsten Neumann

Increase employee efficiency by more than 30%

“Digital adoption” is becoming increasingly important: instead of cost-intensive training, videos, manuals, etc., the user is guided through the software directly at the moment of need. Training and doing are thus no longer separated in terms of space and/or time, but take place simultaneously. In short: every user can use every software correctly right away. Without training. Without queries.

Increase user efficiency with routes, news … and now also the hotspots

AppNavi users already know the routes that guide users step-by-step (or even beamed via RPA) through the application. New, however, are our powerful “hostpots”. Even though users can move through systems, sometimes questions remain with input fields: “Which VAT rate applies here?”, “To which countries can I currently travel?” and many more. Hotspots can be used to support individual elements in the application: Routes can be started, announcements can be opened or simply a hint can be displayed. Without any support from the software manufacturer, important information can be placed in the right place – and easily changed at any time. Users no longer have to pick up the phone or open a ticket to get an answer. They can do their work directly. Initial analyses show that efficiency can be increased by more than 30% here.

And just because we like to emphasize it again …
Reduce training costs by 90%!

It is obvious how much costs can be saved here. Let’s assume they are planning a training for 5,000 employees for the introduction of a software. Since employees are our most important “resource”, they have a value. Studies estimate the average “daily rate” per employee to be more than 300 EURO. Add to that the cost of creating and updating the training, its planning and execution, travel expenses,… and you quickly reach 2 million EURO. With Digital Adoption these costs can be reduced by more than 90%.

True. Don’t forget employee satisfaction!

We worry a lot about cost savings and efficiency gains. But many are experiencing a much more critical need for action: attracting – and retaining – employees. Many aspects contribute to this – one of which is satisfaction with an innovative and supportive work environment. This starts with onboarding and continues through the rest of the workday. Employees don’t want to be overwhelmed or annoyed by systems and their constant changes, they want to be supported. AppNavi helps software to be what it promises: a significant simplification and acceleration of daily activities.


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