Reduce AppNavi delivery time by more than 80%.

Reduce AppNavi delivery time by more than 80%.

Reduce AppNavi delivery time by more than 80%. 483 273 Carsten Neumann

Reduce AppNavi delivery time by more than 80%

The big challenge: All users use software correctly right away

Software rollouts rarely go smoothly and without friction, because there are too many internal dependencies. Users are often the ones who suffer, as they have to deal with half-baked or loveless training materials. The effects are foreseeable: low user acceptance and unused potential, even though the new software solution should be much better and more innovative than the old one.

There is a solution: Digital Adoption with AppNavi

With AppNavi you solve the problem. Instead of relying on low-value training or manuals, AppNavi guides your users step-by-step through the application. Always exactly when the user needs support. This allows every user to use any software correctly right away – getting the job done and learning the software at the same time.

Reduce deployment time by more than 80% now!

And to ensure that your users get the support they need as quickly as possible, we’ve introduced the AppNavi Content Store: for many standard applications such as “Microsoft Teams”, “Microsoft SharePoint” or “SAP SuccessFactors”, a lot of standard content already exists, such as routes, collections or hotspots. You can simply use these or adapt them to your ideas with a few simple steps. This saves time and costs when introducing new software – and your users can more quickly leverage the software’s potential.

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