Are you still learning or are you already working?

Are you still learning or are you already working?

Are you still learning or are you already working? 1840 1228 Carsten Neumann

Are you still learning or are you already working?

How digital adoption simplifies day-to-day operations and onboarding.

The current pandemic has many faces. It is not only the private lives of most people that have changed. Labor markets are also experiencing a transformation, as WirtschaftsWoche noted in a study last summer.

Many employees are questioning their current employment and the future. At the same time, HR managers are developing new concepts to offer their new employees the best possible onboarding. This is precisely why, in the current home office situation, digital tools are becoming increasingly important for communicating and maintaining productivity. As events changed everything – overnight, so to speak – many employers were not prepared. And are still struggling to this day in some cases.

Things get complicated without digital tools.

Due to the pandemic, completely new requirements arise for the training of new employees, as summarizes. But keeping software users up to date is also becoming increasingly difficult without digital tools. After all, there is simply no such thing as a colleague who sits next to them in the office and can be asked for advice quickly. Manuals, even if they are available, are rare these days. As a result, the number of inquiries to the helpdesk team and its response times are increasing – and so are frustration, unnecessary costs and avoidable overtime.

IT and engineering services expert Ferchau has also shed light on this situation and taken a look at digital adoption platforms (DAP) on the market. In their blog article, “Training Program for Software Users“, Ferchau comes to a similar conclusion: the need for and importance of continuing education tools of digital concepts will continue to grow, accelerated by the pandemic.

Thanks to AppNavi in the win-win spiral.

In this Ferchau article, DAP expert Benjamin Birk from AppNavi partner metafinanz explains in detail how digital adoption – such as that of AppNavi – works and shows the many other advantages with practical examples.

Digital adoption has already been an exciting and important topic in the past in the context of digitization or digital transformation of companies. Especially in the current time and in the immediate future, it will be a fundamental guide to induct new employees. And, to provide something effective to the large proportion of casual users through a single enterprise tool.

In addition to the supportive effect – helping struggling employees – the fact of saving time, resources and, in the end, money also pay into the benefits of digital adoption tools for businesses.

AppNavi therefore represents the aspect of Learning While Doing: The efficiency is shown by the fact that users generate a presentable outcome directly during the learning process. A win-win situation for all parties involved.


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