AppNavi announces successful financing round

AppNavi announces successful financing round

AppNavi announces successful financing round 1153 768 Carsten Neumann

AppNavi receives funding for digital adoption platform

The basis for increasing growth and consistently developing DAP into a user-efficiency-as-a-service platform.”

  • AppNavi secures funding for growth and further development of its AI-powered technology.
  • Easier and more efficient: The ‘digital adoption platform’ makes it easier for employees and customers to learn software applications.
  • The investors also come from BayStartUP’s investor network and contribute with experience and industry expertise.

Munich, 01.08.2021. The Munich-based software startup AppNavi has successfully completed a financing round and is thus aiming for further growth. AppNavi has developed an AI-based “digital adoption platform” for companies. With the solution, companies are able to implement software launches and updates much faster and more efficiently. Users are guided step-by-step through new or modified use cases. The training is much more intuitive than conventional training methods. Investors are Bayern Kapital and experienced investors from the BayStartUP investor network with a software focus, including Dr. Andreas Albath (ex-CEO Telegate), Achim Lederle (Managing Partner at Quantum Partners), Udo Krachenfels (Managing Director & Founder of get&use Academy) and itec systems AG (provider of complex service desk, outsourcing and managed services). In addition to the financial investment, they contribute their know-how and networks to the partnership. BayStartUP helped prepare the round. Through the startup and investor network, startups have contact opportunities with more than 300 active business angels as well as over 150 institutional investors. BayStartUP acts as a neutral mediator between founders and investors.

Using any software correctly right away, with no training and no questions asked – that’s the promise of AppNavi’s founders. To help companies get a quick return on their software investment, AppNavi introduces company employees to new software applications and updates as they work with them. At each step, AppNavi provides the exact information users need to easily perform the next step. This makes it easy for users to learn as they go. Those responsible for a software program create their so-called routes, news, tips and more in the background – without needing any developer knowledge. The content created is immediately available to users.

Carsten Neumann, co-founder of AppNavi, says: “With AppNavi, companies make software users more satisfied and efficient. And they ensure that their investment in software really pays off. This is also evident from the feedback we have received from numerous companies that are already successfully using AppNavi. Thanks to the partnership with Bayern Kapital and the investors from the BayStartUP investor network, we want to accelerate our growth, continue to live up to our claim of being the easiest-to-use DAP solution and further develop AppNavi into the first ‘User Efficiency-as-a-Service Platform’.”

As a digital adoption platform, AppNavi takes a different approach than conventional software training, manuals or training videos, where learning and application are inevitably decoupled, often making the introduction of new software extremely time-consuming and inefficient. Users are supported directly in the software. This reduces training costs, and users work more efficiently. In addition, companies’ IT help desks are relieved. The RPA (Robotic Process Automation) functionality also speeds up users by allowing recurring tasks to be easily handled by AppNavi. In addition, automated translation makes it easier to design content in an international context: AppNavi can translate into 29 languages at the touch of a button. AppNavi thus makes a significant contribution to ensuring that the targeted software ROI is actually achieved.

Udo Krachenfels, private investor from the BayStartUP investor network, adds: “The potential of the solution is enormous, the successes already achieved considerable – and the team extremely experienced. In a still young DAP market, AppNavi has an enormous growth story ahead of it, both nationally and internationally. I am delighted to be able to accompany and support AppNavi’s exciting journey.”

AppNavi was founded in 2017 and has already won numerous corporate customers, including from the banking and insurance, automotive and consumer goods sectors.


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