AppNavi and LINXYS announce their partnership

AppNavi and LINXYS announce their partnership

AppNavi and LINXYS announce their partnership 694 462 Carsten Neumann

With LINXYS and APPNAVI already today to the SOCIAL INTRANET of tomorrow

Munich. AppNavi and LINXYS have entered into a partnership. LINXYS is the expert in the introduction and optimal design of collaboration, social intranet and digital workplace solutions such as Bitrix24, COYO, Staffbase and Beekeper. In order to make collaboration accessible across all hierarchical levels and user groups, LINXYS will rely on AppNavi in the future. The operation of the powerful collaboration solutions becomes child’s play for every user: without prior knowledge, without help desk – “simply collaborate” from now on.

Simply collaborate.

Working together and communicating in a simple, transparent and straightforward way — a crucial requirement for the success of a company in today’s world.

Installing and introducing a social intranet platform, a Digital workplace and a collaboration platform at the system level is the lesser challenge today. It is essential to the long-term success of a system that it is used in the everyday work routine — and across all organisational levels.

LINXYS understands this far-reaching organizational change as one that affects the technology, processes, and most of all, the people of an organization. We support companies to establish an efficient, productive and simple collaborative software, a social intranet or a digital workplace solution, and to build a digital hub that gathers all the features relevant to the company into one place that can be accessed by anyone authorized, regardless of location or time.

“Simply collaborate” is the efficient, forward-looking key to your company’s success.

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