Localizations made easy

For International Translation Day, we take a look at the AppNavi translation feature.

Localizations made easy

Localizations made easy 1920 1080 Daniel Beckstein

On the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the famous scholar Hieronymus, today, September 30, commemorates connectedness through language in a globalized world.

Digitization in an internationalized world

From medium-sized businesses to large corporations, companies are increasingly working internationally. Even more than 27,000 German companies operate abroad, generating 1.8 trillion euros (KPMG study).

Teams within organizations are therefore dependent on breaking down language barriers in particular, aside from cultural differences. Although English may serve as a bridge between the different locations, in practice this often works out poorly.

All the more reason for us to take a closer look at the automated translation function in the AppNavi digital adoption solution, which simplifies international work and collaboration across national borders with a simple click of the mouse.

AppNavi automatically translates content

To ensure that your international colleagues can also benefit from the Digital Adoption Guidance functions and thus use any software directly without errors and to its full extent, you can easily translate the (also already existing) content.

First, you create the content you want (or use existing content). You can create your tooltips (inserted elements within your target application) completely free and equip them with text, images, videos etc.

Afterwards there is the possibility under “Languages” to translate the existing content into the desired target language by mouse click.

Simply select from the drop-down menu. Et voila. The content is automatically localized into the desired language. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

All Digital Adoption content, like routes, posts, pins and collections can be translated into up to 30 languages (and dialects) with the AppNavi translation feature. We will expand the number of available languages bit by bit. Then also the cooperation with international neighbors will work out.

You want to learn more about Digital Adoption, the features of AppNavi Guidance, such as routes, posts, pins and collections and the associated translation function? Then feel free to get in touch.


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